Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

A powerful prophecy that was delivered a few years ago through Pastor Rod Parsley from Columbus, Ohio. God delivered this word to wake His Church from a spiritual stagnancy and to get it ready for a new anointing coming upon the earth. The prophecy reads as follows:

"For the day of the prophet is upon you, says the Lord - the day, not of man-made prophets, but of My prophets. Have you not read in My Word and gained understanding that never a greater prophet lived that John the Baptist? My forerunner has gone before Me, and it is time for My forerunner again. Upon My first advent into this earth I sent My forerunner with an explicit message. I would have you to know that I am no respecter of persons and, as I sent My forerunner before Me that day, so will I send My forerunners this day. I would have you know that it is no different in this day. They shall come forth not from those areas that you would assume, even as John came not forth from Jerusalem. John came forth from the wilderness. My forerunners shall not come from ivory palaces. They shall not come from schools of higher learning. They shall come forth from My Presence, where they have walked with Me in the wilderness, where there has not been man nor beast to minister unto them. I would not have their message defiled, nor would I have their message marred by mere mortal man. For I the Lord your God shall speak by My Spirit unto them. They shall come forth eating locusts and wild honey, and by that I would say unto you that they will have no dependency upon the world. They will not depend on man or organizations. They shall not depend upon anything but Me to sustain them, for I, the Lord your God, have them right now in the wilderness. I have them in the back places of the desert and I am feeding them with manna from heaven. I am sustaining them by My breath and I am breathing on them afresh, for it is almost time for their demonstration. When they come forth, hear My voice in their words, and gain understanding from what I shall say.For I, the Lord, shall bring them forth and, because they depend on no man, their voice shall not be marred. Because they depend on no organization, they shall speak but what I give them to speak.

"But know this, their message shall not be what many thought, for they have not come in enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of power. And know this, that the eye of the Lord is in their head, the voice of the Lord is in their mouth, My hearing is in their ears, and they shall see what I see.

"By this know that they shall receive the first part of the message. Even as the message of John coming forth out of the wilderness was "Repent," so shall the message of My prophets this day be. They shall not be as many of you have desired, ladling all the glitter of My Kingdom upon you, for My message is one of love and humility. Though it sounds a harsh message, the message of repentance is actually the greatest message of love that I can give to My people. The message of repentance shall bring refreshing from the presence of My Kingdom.

"As the prophets bring forth that message, hearken. As they say, "repent of idolatry," and as they burst your idols and as they expose even your sin, as John the Baptist exposed the sin of those in Jerusalem, so shall you be quick to repent. I desire to send refreshing, but first must come repentance. As you repent you shall feel the winds of refreshing by My Spirit. The latter rain shall ride upon the wings of repentance. When I hear your voice crying unto Me, I will blow the spirit of refreshing upon you and then you shall be restored. In the final hour, I will restore healing power to your hands.

"Wait until you hear the anthem ringing from the prophets, for I am a great God and greatly to be praised. Refreshing and restoration shall come, and the world shall come to you. In the restoration move you shall receive what I call "promise." Repentance shall bring refreshing and refreshing, restoration. There is left but one phase for My prophets to speak, which is the proclamation of My return.

"So repent, and I shall refresh you; and then shall be the restoration of all things and finally My return. But I cannot return unless My way is paved, and I cannot pave My way until the prophets speak for Me. The sound of their hoof beats are nigh at hand. Listen well. You have walked so much in the flesh that it has been hard for you to really discern what comes from My Spirit. But I will teach you. I will tell you. I have My prophets in the wilderness, but the wilderness gate is open and the prophets are nigh at hand!