Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

If you have been following the rock-solid classical Christian foundation above, you will understand that there are three stages in Classical Christianity - a beginning, a middle and an end.

The beginning of the journey is a honeymoon stage of experiencing the tangible Presence of our Lord. However, there are distinct seasons in this stage - summer and winter - experiencing His precious Presence and alternating periods of His absence.

Then our Lord brings a sovereign and heavy cross into our lives, stripping us of everything spiritual and even the works of God. Sometimes this also involves a stripping of our health and our wealth too - just like what Job experienced. This usually takes many years. Moses was in the wilderness for 40 years. This


stage of the journey is the wilderness. Here we are stripped from the works of God and even our ministry, and find ourselves in the wilderness.

The honeymoon stage began in the early 1980 - 1990's in the body of Christ worldwide. However, shortly after it began, many were brought to the crossroads. We could either go with the flow of the Toronto and Prophetic movements which veered into the flesh (mixed with the Word-Faith) with much demonic activity surfacing; or go into the wilderness. The first road was the easy way; a way of revival without paying the price. The second road - the way of the wilderness - was a long, lonely and difficult path. Death of the self-life. Burial. Only a few survive the wilderness of God. This is the way of Classical Christianity.

The end stage of the journey is entering into a state of His resurrection glory. It is that which Kathryn Kuhlman experienced. This stage, I know, is the final revival at the end of the church age. True revival comes forth from those who have paid the price in the wilderness. I believe that this will come more to the surface and be more visible in the coming years.

Do you see that the Wilderness is actually the middle stage in the journey of Classical Christianity?