Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

In 1991, I wrote of the approaching storm in the Preface of Living Laodicea (1991):

I saw in the Spirit, a globe - a globe of the world. Surrounding the globe was a thin layer of cloud. Suddenly the clouds began to gather.

The clouds deepened. The winds blew. A chill was in the air. A thunderstorm was emerging. Soon, there was only one cloud over the globe - a large thundercloud. A storm is approaching the earth.

The Holy Spirit said, 'Look in the Spirit. What do you see?' I looked. I saw nothing; so I replied, 'Nothing.' The Spirit spoke again, gently, 'Look again.' I looked. I saw a large, china jar in the Spirit. It was empty inside. Then I saw another jar, but broken. Then the Spirit spoke: 'Much of the doctrine today is like that jar - beautiful to behold, but no substance; it is found wanting in My balances. Look at the other jar. Indeed this doctrine will be like the broken jar. All will see it and say, 'Behold the jar. Look. It has no substance.'

The Spirit showed me a chariot in the Spirit. A horse-driven chariot. The dust rose as it moved over the plain. Then the Spirit spoke:

'The chariot is rushing on,
the horses run furiously;
when all things must be

Today, twenty years later, we are in the midst of that storm. It began in 2006-2007 and it will increase in strength and intensity as the nations of this world descend into the second dip – the coming great depression or total economic confusion which eventually leads to a global government headed by the Antichrist.