Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

The Background
Several months ago, I felt impressed of the Lord to read repeatedly
1 Kings 17:1 and 18:1, 41-45. As I wondered and pondered why these verses of Scripture seemed so compelling to me, my attention was once again drawn to 1 Kings 18:1; in particular, where it reads: "And it came to pass after many days, that the word of the Lord came to Elijah..."

As I finished reading this verse of Scripture, the Lord began to speak to my heart.

"Did Elijah stop being a prophet when My word wasn't coming to him?" The Lord asked me.

This question from the Lord struck my heart and took my breath away. I myself had been enduring a time of great silence from the Lord. Yet even though the silence from the Lord was distressing in many ways, I continued to feel the Lord's presence with me.

Over the past several months, it was as if one tragedy after another was striking my family and loved ones. There were numerous stressful situations occurring at the same time.
A spirit of intense weariness settled upon my heart. I usually felt as if I were bracing myself for the next blow to strike.

As I continued to seek the Lord for answers and direction, I had a very strange vision. This vision was so strange to me that I almost dismissed it as silly and unimportant. Yet, it haunted my thoughts. After some time, I felt clarity from the Lord in regard to this simple, "silly" vision.

I would like to share this vision, and what the Lord spoke to me in regard to this vision, with others; especially those prophets of the Most High God who also may be enduring tragedies and/or a time of silence from the Lord.

The Vision

In the vision, I saw a long line of silent men and women.
Each of the men and women had on a brown cape that touched the ground and they were staring ahead intently.
I glanced in the direction the men and women were looking to see what they were staring at. To my surprise, I saw a large washtub such as was used in bygone days to wash clothes. Hovering over the washtub, I saw an immense hand.

I watched as each of the men and women approached the washtub. The large hand plucked up each man and woman one by one, and very deliberately placed that person (still wrapped within their brown cape) inside the washtub. Then began what I can only describe as a "wash cycle."

During this time of being "washed," each of the men and women were being swirled madly around within the washtub.

Soap and water were in their eyes, ears and even in their mouths. The hand also "scrubbed" each of the men and women on a scrubber, then would place them back into the soapy, turbulent water.

As I continued to watch all of this, I became aware of the soft murmuring of a voice. I couldn't make out the words that were being spoken, but the sound of the voice was gentle and soothing. At the end of the wash cycle, the men and women appeared absolutely exhausted.

Then began the "rinse cycle." The wash water was drained from the washtub, and clean water added. A bucket appeared grasped in the large hand. I watched as the large hand repeatedly poured bucketful after bucketful of water over each of the soapy men and women.

The voice continued to murmur gently and soothingly to the men and women, but with the soap and now the water in their ears, they didn't seem able to hear the sound of the voice.

At the end of the "rinse cycle," I watched as the large hand set the bucket aside, grasped each of the men and women one by one, and placed them into an old fashioned wringer.

I gasped with dismay as I saw each of the men and women being completely flattened and having the water pressed from them as they were put through this wringer. Then, the men and women were placed gently into a basket. By the time this entire process was completed, the men and women were totally limp and exhausted.

Then another hand appeared so that there was now a set of large hands. The hands reached into the basket and gently removed the men and women one by one. The set of hands carried each man and woman to a clothesline and began to "hang" the men and women on the clothesline.

As I stared at the men and women hanging on the clothesline, I saw that each of them had their eyes closed; almost as if they had fallen asleep after the ordeal they had just endured.

I then began to faintly hear the sound of a gentle breeze. This breeze seemed to envelope each of the men and women, and they were gently swaying back and forth on the clothesline. As the breeze gently blew on the men and women, the soft voice continued to murmur to them.

Gradually, the men and women seemed to become aware of the sound of the voice. They opened their eyes, began to slowly look around them, and became more alert.

The hands then took each of the men and women down from the clothesline. The men and women stood silently, as if waiting for something to happen. I realized that during this whole process, not one of the men or women had resisted, or even spoken.

As I stared at the men and women, I saw them become quietly animated. I noticed they were each staring off into the distance at something. I turned to see what it was they were gazing at, and saw a small cloud. The small cloud appeared as if from over the horizon. Then, each of the men and women set off towards the small cloud, and the vision ended.

The Interpretation

As I continuously thought upon this vision, the Lord began to speak to me about it.

"Do you know who the men and women are?" The Lord asked me.

"No, Lord," I replied.

"They are My prophets," the Lord replied. "To one degree or another, I have been taking My prophets through a time of being purified and cleansed. For some of them, this process is quite open and apparent. For others, it is hidden and is being accomplished in secret and in isolation. For all of them, though, it is painful; for all within them that is impure or unclean is being laid open and is being dealt with and cleansed."

"Why, Lord?" I asked.

"For the coming days ahead," the Lord replied. "As I have been dealing with My prophets, so will I also be dealing with each of My children. When this cleansing process comes upon each of My children, My prophets will be there to aide in this process."

"What is the purpose of this process, Lord?" I asked.

"I am moving in a different manner than I have before," the Lord answered. "I am speaking differently. Each of My prophets, and also each of My children, must be attuned to the changes in the way I am moving and speaking. If they are not attuned to these changes, they will overlook and miss My purpose and My will, and what it is I desire to see accomplished."

"And what is it that You desire to see accomplished, Lord?"

I asked.

"I desire for My prophets to not only speak My word," the Lord replied. "I desire them to also have a solution to the word I give them to speak, and to know through My Spirit how to apply the interpretation of My word to them."

I felt confused by this answer.

"You do not understand, child?" The Lord asked me. I admitted that I did not.

"When I speak a word of warning or of coming calamity to one of My prophets," the Lord explained, "not only do I desire that prophet to speak forth the word of warning, I desire them to also have a solution to the coming calamity. Speaking forth My word is no longer totally acceptable to Me," the Lord said. "I would also have My prophets to become so mature in Me that they will also have clear direction for others in regard to the word I speak to them. Now do you understand?"

"Yes, Lord," I replied.

"The cleansing process for My prophets and also for My children,"
the Lord continued, "is for them to come to maturity. When they are mature, then will I arise with total strength and glory in the midst of My people.

The danger, though, during this process is that of My prophets and My children becoming dejected and overwhelmed by the situations I will and have been bringing upon them, and for them to quit. Another danger is that of not restoring and strengthening those who I will expose during the cleansing process. Before there is a cleansing of the flesh, there is first a decaying of the flesh. Whenever the flesh is decaying, there is a stench. The stench of the flesh decaying for many of My prophets and My children will be offensive to many others, yet it is not My desire for their backs to be turned upon those who are going through the decaying process.

This is a very delicate time spiritually for My prophets and eventually for My children," the Lord continued. "Souls hang in the balance, and it will be through the maturity of My prophets and then of My children, that the fate of these souls will be
decided." -Feb 25th, 2005).