1 . TruNews [Rick Wiles]

2 . Jim Bakker  [Live TV]

3 . Z3 News and Prophecy  [James Bailey]

4 . Prophecy Club   [Stan Johnson]

5 . Economic Collapse Blog  [Michael Snyder]

6 . Jonathan Cahn

7. The late David Wilkerson's prophetic word and sermons.
Sermon List [includes The Last Revival, Great and Final Apostasy, America's Last Call, Cup of Trembling]
Time Line

8 . Lindsey Williams Blog [Pastor Lindsey Williams]

9. Zero Hedge

10. X22 Report

11. Gerald Celente

12. InfoWars [Alex Jones]

Note: I don't necessarily agree with ALL that comes from the above ministries. Discernment is needed. I am strongly Pre-Trib. It is in the Bible. However, there is a Great Shaking before the Tribulation and the church will go through some hardship before the coming of the Lord. I glean a little here and a little there from these and other ministries that are not listed. Note that these sources are the places where the true prophetic word is coming forth today.

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