Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity
Hebrews 4: 9-11
There remains therefore a rest for the
people of God.
For he who has entered His rest has
himself also ceased from his works as God did
from His.
Let us therefore be diligent to enter that
rest, lest anyone fall after the same example
of disobedience.

Often, we have only partially understood this truth. We know that we have entered His rest when we were first saved hearing His voice,"It is finished" and turned from our dead works to Him, enjoying the true Sabbath of God. However, if we look closely at this passage, there is also a present entering His rest. In other words, in a sense it is past, but in another sense this Scripture speaks of something more which is in the present. The rest of God is truly experienced as we are drawn into His chambers in His Presence. The innermost chamber is the Holy of Holies. Here all the powers of our soul are brought into an unusual serenity.

KEY (of the Holy of Holies) = an UNUSUAL SERENITY and PEACEFULNESS will gradually spread over your soul

an awareness of the tangible Presence of Jesus and His embrace fills your being and your place
Song of Solomon 2: 6-7 [Tabernacle Notes]

When we come to the Lord, as discussed in the rock-solid Classical Christian Foundation above, we learn to have a quiet mind before Him. One of the most important truths to master is that we must give up all self-effort. However, although our mind (rather the entire soul which consists of the mind, will and emotions) is still, there is no emptyness when He is present. Abundance. Richness.

The working of God is much deeper and is of the spirit and not of the soul. The activity is deeper - of the spirit. Eventually the working of our soul quietens completely and we truly become spiritual people living in His Presence.

There is an abundance in the Presence of God. The silence is rich, full, abundant and alive. The fatness of the anointing.

The experience deepens as we progress is the journey. In the beginning of the journey, we only experience His Presence occasionally in this way. Later, your soul will experience this state of rest more often. This is indeed the true rest of God which we need to fully enter. Let us be diligent to enter this rest and not to fall short of entering fully into it.

Look at the rock-solid Classical Christian Foundation above to be led step by step into the depths of knowing our Lord Jesus and to experience His abundance and fatness of His Presence.