Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Liberty does not simply come from losing "religious inhibitions." Stage diving and charismatic praise and dancing and shouting is not Christian liberty! This may come as a surprise to many.

Liberty comes through "The Great Death." Today, many in the church go to lengths trying to explain away the Book of Job. Job is an embarrasment to them and does not fit in with their theology. They maintain that Job confessed negatively and brought the trouble upon himself. Yet the Book of Job is the key to the deeper life in Jesus. It is the way toward maturity in Christ.

Job portrays "The Great Death" - the shutting of the door of the tent. God stripped Job of everything - his worldly goods, his wealth, his children, his health. This represents the stripping of of his gifts, his works, his ministry, etc. Then God restored Job. Resurrection. Resurrection means that one has the ability to do that which he was able to do before he died. However, Job was different afterwards. How was Job different?

Differences were seen in his disposition toward THINGS, WORKS and a new found JOY.

No longer was he attached to THINGS. Remember that the Outer Court is concerned with things. The tent is all about Jesus. He does not use things as he once did. Everything now is done in God. He uses things as he needs to. However, he will not possess things as he formerly did.

Concerning WORKS, one will find it difficult to do the works that one did before. Some works will remain but will be done in a different way. No longer in the flesh but in God. What men see as the work of God is very different from what God sees as the work of God. He will see see things from a different point of view. Works will be easily - almost naturally - done through the Presence of God. Liberty will be there.

A JOY will be present. A great joy that goes beyond the strange fire of the Toronto movement. This is a joy that is almost imperceptible. It is constant as a state rather than an experience. Fear is no longer present. One does not fear the cross anymore. Driving desires are not there anymore. Craving for things have largely gone.

(No longer - bound, cannot pray, deep fears, deep struggles of guilt - removed through "The Great Death.")


Today, most Christians know not the cross at all. They see transformation into the image of Christ as simply conforming their lives to the Word of God. In other words, they ignore the deeper work and transformation. They are on the surface spiritual people, but no deep work has been done in their lives. They are not truly spiritual. They only appear to men to be spiritual.

Remember, I mentioned before that Malachi speaks of the soap and the refining fire as the two methods of purifying His children. Taking up His cross allows the deep work of God to begin taking place. It is a life long transformation beginning when one first begins to yield to the Lord.

The cross is more on the surface - very important, take great delight in - for quite some time in the believer's journey. The desire for the cross can be rather b. Later it becomes deeper and more hidden. It becomes the almost unconscious principle of your soul. All your hidden thoughts and innermost actions are under the cross's work. Transformation takes place from internal to external.

Taking up His cross implies that he sees God in ALL of his circumstances. In other works, he sees that the cross comes from the hand of the Lord; and not from the hand of man nor circumstances. Each moment - no matter what it holds - is from His hand. The sacrament of the present moment. The realm of eternity. The God who IS.

A Christian who has progressed this far no longer speaks much of visions, prophecies and revelations. This is more the realm of the Prophetic Movement today, always seeking the word of the Lord. The Christian who has known the cross fully and understands what it means that the cross has become Christ* does not speak much of visions, prophecies and revelations.

He has a pure and simple childlike faith. He sees Jesus and Him alone. He also sees everything differently ... as through the eyes of God! He appears ordinary to a casual observer; but under closer inspection he is very different from other mortals. He is just like the shoe-leather exterior of the tent; but has treasures within.

*The cross will work the work of God in you. But now the work of God will bring the cross to you, and the cross will bring the Lord Himself to you [Guyon].


Live in the present moment and let each event unfold without adding of subtracting from it. i.e. let the cross have its full work done in your life

Only allow God to move you. What must you DO? Nothing. Nothing of self or own effort. Nothing in the flesh or in faith.

[Quotations from Guyon]