Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

The Scriptures bring forth two aspects of the foundation of our faith.

The first is Hebrews 6. This is the foundational doctrines, which includes the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The second is Apostle Paul's foundation which is Christ Jesus.

A few hundred years ago, the church emphasised the second part - the foundation of Jesus Christ. They had a strong foundation in Jesus Christ. Saints such as Jeanne Guyon brought forth this very clearly and in depth.

However, instead of keeping this foundation, the Pentecostal awakening focused on the restoration of the foundational doctrines and emphasised the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Many felt that they needed to break away from Andrew Murray and the old foundation. There was a break and the Pentecostal movement separated from historic Christianity.

Significantly, Apostle Paul emphasised the foundation of Jesus Christ more than the foundational doctrines. Even through they are essential, he emphasised the foundation of Jesus Christ. He was glad that he did not baptize many... which covers the foundational doctrines. So should not Apostle Paul's mix and emphasis be ours too?

God is bringing these together in the end-time move of God. He has been restoring the foundation of Jesus Christ, bringing a unity and maturity in the body of Christ. Much of the foolishness that has come forth in the Charismatic movement melts away when the classical foundation of Jesus Christ is restored. Even the unhealthy teachings of the Prosperity Movement will not stand when the classical foundation is restored. Everything comes into balance.

I find that most today in the ministry do not know the classical foundation. What happens is everything is off-base - whether doctrine or anything coming forth. Everything comes forth wrong if the foundation is not there. In other words, this foundation is very important.

Highly Recommended Book by Jeanne Guyon:
Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2)

Note: God has been restoring truth to the church since the Reformation. This means that we need ALL the truth of the previous movements.