Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Two churches of the seven churches of Revelation stand out. They are the church in Smyrna and the church in Philadelphia. What do these two churches have in common? Death.

In the first, physical martyrdom. In the second, the death of the self-life was central. Jesus implies in Revelation 3:10 that those who persevere and pass the test of faith in dying to their self-life would not have to redo the test of faith in the Tribulation where believers will once again suffer physical martyrdom.

This is why the classical Christian foundation is so important in these closing days of this age. It is the message of the cross and focuses on the death of our self-life. Other words that will have a familiar ring to them as you look at this foundation include "for you have little strength" and "I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God and he shall go out no more". The Lord's introduction "He who is holy" also confirms the period to which the Philadelphian church refers to - the Holiness Movement - with its roots from the deep spirituality of saints such as Jeanne Guyon in the 1600's.

Many today are blind to the apostate condition of the the Laodicean church which is the general state of the church in the days before our Lord's return. They do not realize the danger of being found in Laodicea. Clearly, since the Philadelphian church pleased the Lord, we need to ensure that we have the inward spiritually of those who were in Philadelphia.

The classical foundation shows us the way to know our Lord truly. Many today are outward and have a knowledge of the Scriptures, understand many things and even end-time prophecy accurately, yet are devoid of a true inward relationship with our Lord Jesus. Some even have dismissed a true inward relationship with our Lord Jesus as mysticism and remain only with an outward shell of Christianity to their own peril. Others have a walk of outward faith of "believing and confessing" (instead of a living faith) or an outward walk of "fasting and praying in tongues" yet are devoid of an inward relationship with Jesus Christ. Others hold fast to "being positive" which is of the mind and is outward too. They do not realize that they are only outward. Many do not realize or understand that there is an inward relationship with Jesus Christ. The "Prosperity Movement" is selective and ignores the cross. Hence it is outward as surrender and the cross is core to the inward relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Laodicean call of Revelation 3:20 is a call to a deep, inward relationship to our Lord Jesus.

Truly, these are perilous times. Dangerous times. Widespread apostasy. The falling away from the faith begins with a departure from a true inward relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why it is important to look carefully at the

rock-solid classical Christian foundation

as it shows us the way to escape Laodicea.

Note - all true believers are included in the rapture according to the Scriptues, carnal believers too - Lot [Luke 17:28] is the example. Some will receive rewards, others loss at the judgent seat of Christ.