Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

KENNETH COPELAND (Word-Faith | Prosperity Movement)


Definitely. He is sovereign and allows the enemy entrance when we forsake Him. We just need to look into the Word to see the truth of this in past history. The Book of 'Habakkuk' portrays this clearly.

One news commentator stated that the twin towers were symbolic of the POWER and PROSPERITY of America.

The moral decay of a nation is often the fruit of a backslidden church. Is this not symbolic of His judgment on the central thrust of the gospel coming out of America - The Prosperity / Word-faith gospel which has brought the church into its backslidden state today?This unbalanced gospel has influenced the church in every nation throughout the world - both charismatic and denominational - and has truly brought the church down to the state of Living Laodicea.

Can we still follow the Word-faith gospel and escape judgment by God?

PS: We are thankful to God for the light and revelation that has come from the US. Christian television has brought the gospel to almost every nation and has been instrumental in the Great Commission. We need to be balanced in this matter ... the prophetic message is brought with the intent of restoration and personal revival in the hearts of the readers.

We know that God often does prosper His people - yet, as He wills and sometimes, finances are needed in the kingdom of God. It is more the way that the Scriptures are taken, the overemphasis on principles and 'your' faith needed to become prosperous and the lack of the emphasis of God's sovereignty with respect to finances that is our concern. Also the whole unbalanced emphasis of this movement - the way in which Jesus is dethroned and the Word of God enthroned and distorted - does damage to your personal walk with the Lord. This is our main concern.

The prosperity gospel appeared on the cover of TIME magazine - a secular publication ...

SEPTEMBER 2006 ( JOEL OSTEEN- Lakewood) Cover Story: Does God Want You To Be Rich? A growing number of Protestant evangelists raise a joyful Yes! But the idea is poison to other, more mainstream pastors. And propelled by Osteen's 4 million-selling book, Your Best Life Now, the belief has swept beyond its Pentecostal base into more buttoned-down evangelical churches, and even into congregations in the more liberal Mainline. It is taught in hundreds of non- Pentecostal Bible studies. One Pennsylvania Lutheran pastor even made it the basis for a sermon series for Lent, when Christians usually meditate on why Jesus was having His Worst Life Then.