Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

The cross is often misunderstood. Even the first things of the cross are misunderstood.

Many in churches today have paid lip-service to the things of God but have never been to the cross. We need to be brought to the place of the cross at the feet of Jesus - the place of repentance. Even the moral or religious man will find that his plans, ambitions, nature are all of his own and need to be left at the cross when he first comes to Jesus. His life will completely change when he is truly born-again.

There is a danger with teaching that all we need to do is accept Jesus. Often this is mental assent to Christ and we have not been born again. The new birth involves repentance - being brought to the place of the cross by the Spirit of God.

Prophetic picture: My home has a door with a cross varnished on the outside. This is a type of us spiritually. We always enter the kingdom of God through the cross - however, we need to grow in the way of the cross. We need the cross on the inside of the door too!

However, the cross has a much deeper and important work in our lives once we have entered into the kingdom of God. This truth has been lost to this generation.

Lost Treasure of the Cross

Under the second pillar, "Sovereignty of God", I introduced why it is important to receive all things as from the hand of God. As we embrace this truth, we will begin to understand the depths of the cross.

As we grow in this way - not by mortification - not by fasting - not by anything religious - but by the truth of the second pillar, we will begin to be enveloped in His love and anointing.

Dead works is the greatest trap for Christians today. It is not enough that our motive is right. It is not enough that the works are in line with the Scriptures. They must be birthed by Him alone and done through His manifest Presence. Only these works will remain.

Be patient in all the suffering that He allows to come your way. We need to have a purity in our faith and learn to love Him the same at the place of the cross as at other times.

If you surrendered yourself to Him to be blessed and comforted, you can't take back your life when you are being crucified.

You will not find any comfort from man when you have been put on the cross. Our Lord Jesus found that His Father hid His face - His Presence - from Him in that hour - the dark night of the soul - when the sins of the world were upon Him.

You must learn to love the cross. He who does not love the cross does not love the things of God.

The Christian who discovers this truth will find that the bitterness of the cross becomes sweet as you receive the cross from Him.

How do you respond to the Lord's working of the cross in your life?

As soon as anything comes to you in the form of a trial or suffering, receive it as from the hand of God. Accept it.

You will also discover that the cross is lighter if borne this way. You will still experience the pain and feel the full weight of the cross, but it will seem much lighter if you receive it as from His hand and bear it in the will of God.

All the three pillars go hand in hand. The truth works together. This is the true foundation for Christianity - ... to begin to experience the depths of Jesus Christ and to experience a continual deep abiding anointing that becomes part of your daily walk.

Much truth unfolds from these simple beginnings and will be put on the web site in due course. This truth is the foundation of the work that the Holy Spirit has birthed in the wilderness and the coming move of God.

NOTE: I acknowledge that I have, at times, closely followed Jeanne Guyon's 'Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ' as her work unveils the foundations very clearly.