Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

A parable. The inner core of the earth ceases to function normally. It ceased to rotate and became 'dead'. This affects the shield surrounding the earth and abnormal apocalyptic phenomena begin to occur - holes in the ozone layer, abnormal storms and lightening destroying parts of cities. If the problem with the core is not restored, the earth will be destroyed by fire.

Similarly, if the foundation of the Christian is not rock-solid, everything he or she does will be off-balance and out of orbit. It will manifest at times and will bring death and destruction to many. The root is not on the surface only - just getting into the flesh - but much deeper - that of a shaky foundation.

Many agree with the above. However, few understand the true foundation that the Lord wants to establish in their lives. They still follow preachers who are off-balance. They are truly blind. This is the mystery which I am slowly unveiling on this web site. Those with the true foundation see clearly.

This is what has happened to the Word-faith Prosperity Movement. The foundation is not that of the normal Christian. It manifests in false doctrine at times. Many have seen this and the voice of the heresy hunters has become very loud and clear. Most importantly, it distorts our relationship with Jesus and keeps us from the living water.

This also occurred to some extent in the Toronto movement. A shaky foundation manifested itself in the flesh and even in the demonic. However, let us not throw out the baby with the bath water. The presence of God was there and truly this was a breath of flesh air after the Word-faith Prosperity movement.

NOTE: This rock-solid foundation that is being restored is not that of attending a good bible school. Although that is profitable, the fruit depends largely on whether the true foundation is in a Christian's life and Bible School or not. I speak from experience. I attended and completed a Charismatic Bible School which discouraged waiting on the Lord. They saw the dangers of the demonic and rejected the Toronto movement completely. Should we indeed throw the baby out with the bath water?

The Toronto movement emphasises a corporate experience of Jesus Christ. The foundation that I speak of is that of a deep personal experience of Jesus Christ - the wilderness foundation. I believe that the coming tsunami of God will have both and that the deep personal foundation will be restored. This has been missing until now...


The magnetosphere is the Earth's magnetic environment. The Earth is a huge dipole (2-pole) magnet. The Earth's magnetic field is probably cause by its molten iron-nickel core.

William Gilbert hypothesized that the Earth was a giant magnet in 1600. Thomas Gold proposed the name "magnetosphere" in 1959. The Earth's magnetosphere extends far into space and is influenced by the solar wind (ions and electrons emitted from the sun). It extends into space from 60 to 37,280 miles (100 to 60,000 km) towards the Sun, and over 186,500 miles (300,000 km) away from the Sun (nightward), forming the Earth's magnetotail.

The magnetopause is the boundary between the area in which the Earth's magnetic field dominates and the magnetic field of the rest of the Solar System dominates.

Auroras (type of the anointing): Charged particles become trapped on the field lines of the magnetosphere. Auroras appear when rapped particles from the solar wind spiral towards a pole. These beautiful arcs of lights in the near-polar sky are caused by gases that become excited after being hit by solar particles. Most auroras are 100 to 250 km above the ground.