Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

We all know the Scriptures tell us to rejoice and to be thankful during trials. However, to simply do this "in faith" is unscriptural! We need to have some depth here and not to live on the surface! We cannot rejoice and be thankful unless we recognise His sovereign hand and learn to receive all things equally from His hand.

Surrendering is forgetting your past and leaving your future in His hands. It is being satisfied with the present moment, no matter what that moment contains. You are satisfied because you know that whatever that moment has, it contains - in that instant - God's eternal plan for you. It is giving the present fully and completely to the Lord.[Guyon]

We learn to be thankful in ALL things and to live in the present moment, honouring the Great I AM. Thanksgiving is not something we utter when the storms of life come upon us, but is rather a lifelong perspective of receiving all things - especially trials - as from His sovereign hand.