Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

1. Three areas:
OUTER COURT = place of SACRIFICE (often the verse 'sacrifice of praise' is used incorrectly here)
HOLY OF HOLIES = place of COMMUNION. Alone with God. Unusual serenity. Remember: Priests were not allowed in the Holy Place on Day of Atonement. Even in the midst of a CROWD or CONGREGATION - praise and worship. In this realm, in the Presence of God you are alone with God. Only 2 persons - lost in God. Inner solitude.

2. Michael Molinos in his book " The Spiritual Guide" shows clearly the difference between the OUTER COURT and the 'tent". The difference between the BRASS and the GOLD - FINE GOLD. Between INWARD and OUTWARD experience. Some can't discern the difference between BRASS and GOLD. Look similar in dull light.

CHILDLIKE FAITH: A simple vision of God. The simpler the better. It is a beholding of Jesus. No strain. Not of the soul. Not to do with imagination. Visualization is of the soul; not of the spirit. Satan's realm is of the SOUL.

3. Jeanne Guyon in "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" emphasises the Presence of God more. Knowing Jesus Christ through the Presence of God. Menorah.

4. GOLD-PLATED WOOD: Picture of giant with feet on earth and head in the clouds. True Christianity - humanity remains. Heart of flesh. On the other hand, Word-Faith teaching leads to "feet are no longer on the earth." Altered view of life; different way of thinking.

5. ARK of the Covenant. Golden ark. Innermost room - Most Holy Place. Perfect Cube - 15ft.
MOST IMPORTANT PIECE. The most complete type and figure of the Lord Jesus Christ. Centre of the tabernacle service.

ARK = chest or oblong box. Made of wood (humanity); covered in GOLD (deity). Gold-plated. Ultimate safety and security. Ultimate security of the believer from judgment. A refuge from the storms of life.

Three arks in Bible:
1. ark of Noah
2. ark of Moses
3. ark of the Covenant

Weatherproof and storm proof; secure from judgment. Waterproof - lined with pitch = kaphar - OT word for blood atonement.
Cover = Mercy Seat

Between God (throne of God between wings of cherubim) and sin (broken tablets of the law) there was the Mercy Seat. Ark represented JUDGMENT and DEATH. 1 Samuel 6:19 Lifted the blood stained MERCY SEAT for just a brief moment.

Background of the cross emphasised:
a. awful holiness of God - judgment. God's demand for the blood of a substitute.
b. awful sinfulness of sin. Acts - Ananias & Sapphira. (x lightness)

God hates sin.

x joke about Bible; frothy, light and irreverent handling of the things of God. Services a CARNIVAL or CIRCUS. ENTERTAINMENT prominent. Different from place of deep reverential worship of God. Christian music today. CHRISTIAN ROCK. CHRISTIAN RAP. Some choruses similar to JUNGLE JAZZ. SHALLOW. NO SPIRITUAL DEPTH.
Lost much of the reverence for holy things because of the introduction of much of this shallow entertainment. Missed the seriousness of the HOLINESS OF GOD and implications of unatoned sin.
Today, there is a SILENCE concerning HOLINESS OF GOD.

SIN is the opposite of the HOLINESS OF GOD. The CROSS OF CALVARY also reveals God's HATRED FOR SIN outside of Christ. CALVARY = judgment upon sin. Terror of hell outside Christ.

In the realm of the Holy of Holies, anything of the FLESH, SIN, etc. GRIEVES the Holy Spirit. The Presence of God can lift. Remember Kathryn Kuhlman - He's all I have. He's all I have got. Why? There is a price to pay = TIME. Not b in theology, etc. Lose this and you have nothing!

"A SMALL SIN": Emphasises the awfulness of sin. First sin - larceny. (x death penalty today!) Adam did not commit murder.
The world hates the world "SIN".
SIN is the reason for HELL.
SIN is the cause of every SORROW in the world. Greed behind the Great Recession.
The penalty of sin goes beyond the grave. Goes into eternity.
Price of sin = Blood of God's only Son.
Calvary = proof of the GRAVITY of sin.

COMMUNION: When a Christian is still dwelling among the gifts, he has distinct - but only momentary - illumination. Visions, etc. The more advanced the believer becomes, the less DEFINATE will be his illuminations. If the believer reaches the level described here, he will only have a GENERAL illumination. That illumination is of God Himself, nothing more. He will not have any specific illuminations.

But out of this very general light, which is God Himself, he will DRAW WHATEVER HE NEEDS. This too is how he will minister to others.

STATE OF GLORY: The methods of transformation are left behind. The soul is LOST IN GOD and is transformed. LIFE OF GOD and LOVE OF GOD is fully experienced here through IMPARTATION. True intimacy with Christ here. That love comes from God. Enveloped in Divine life and love. Such an encounter of love is neither of the emotions nor of the natural man.

6. POT OF MANNA: Just as fresh today as the day it fell from heaven! The manna in the wilderness spoiled after ONE day; this pot of manna remained fresh for thousands of years! Not only provision externally. FEEDING on Jesus Himself. JOHN 6:51. Eating. Drinking deeply of living water. Experience this in the Holy of Holies.

Place where the PROMISES OF GOD are manifest. Most hold fast to these in the Outer Court. One first needs to die to the promises of God.

7. BUDDING ROD: Numbers 17 rebellion. God's choice was one tribe. Rebels wanted to rather rotate between tribes. Test: 12 dry sticks with names of each tribe one on each stick. In morning, one dry stick budded - life out of death.

The Presence of God not only fills you, but also the PLACE where you are! This is why demons are stirred up! Must learn to take authority over demons in this realm!

8. TABLETS: Protection and revelation often go hand in hand. In this place - Holy of Holies - the Lord through His Presence brings a perception of hidden things - hidden things of darkness. This revelation causes one to walk around 'danger'; walk through danger unharmed. Our Lord Jesus lived in this realm! This is how He perceived the very thoughts of the Pharisees; and how He kept out of their traps until His time had come to fulfills His Father's will.

9. PRAYER: In the OUTER COURT - can ASK and sometimes God will grant you it as God granted Israel a king. Can be very dangerous as you miss entering into the tent. Persuaded by the answer that you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE! "What are you doing here, Elijah?"; "Where are are you, Adam?"

The transformation is characterized by prayer that is an ever ascending movement towards SILENCE. That is, the powers of the soul gradually become totally quieted. In the Holy of Holies there is a cessation of every tiny effort.

When a believer has arrived at this point in his pilgrimage, he has actually come to a place where HE CANNOT LAY HOLD OF PRAYER AT ALL. The ability to pray has been taken away. He cannot even set aside certain times for prayer.

The believer, therefore is led to think that he has lost every kind of devotion to the Lord. He has come to the place where he has nothing at all but naked faith.

There is also a struggle to read books - lose interest in Christian books. Most deal with Outer Court.

Does prayer return? Yes. Resurrection life is central to the Holy of Holies. Characteristics of resurrected prayer: marvelous ease, a devotion which is sweet, gentle and very much in spirit and always IN GOD.

10. TWO DOORS: GATE = death to the WORLD; still much of the flesh present; DOOR OF 'TENT' = death to the FLESH.

We sing "He is Lord". He is Savior and Lord. However, the fullness of His LORDSHIP occurs only when we experience "The Great Death" and die to the flesh. Later, in the 'tent', He truly has COMPLETE LORDSHIP. "HE IS LORD!"

10. ABIDING IN HIM [KEY 3]: Process of "losing oneself in God".

ORDINARY. Not all these people are unknown. Your Lord draws people to these believers and they are often able to communicate life to others. They naturally win others over to Jesus Christ.

Part of being totally abandoned to Him means that one does not evaluate how he is being used by God. As Christ becomes rooted in a believer more deeply, that one is less self-conscious about his relationship to God.

GROWING: Let your spirit be ENLARGED to greater and greater degrees. The process of "losing oneself in God" happens in different degrees in different people. Every person can be completely full. But some have larger capacities than others.

11. COVERINGS: 4 layers of CLOTH and weatherproof LEATHER
a. finest WHITE linen embroidered in BLUE, SCARLET and PURPLE. Figures of cherubim with outstretched wings.
b. blanket of GOAT'S HAIR
c. blanket of RAM'S SKINS dyed a deep crimson RED colour
d. LEATHER of "porpoise" (sea cow) skins - drab, dull and bluish gray, no colourful beauty