Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

There are two perspectives. One heavenly and the other earthly. One from the hand of the Lord and the other from the hand of man.

Much concerning submission which is taught today comes from an earthly perspective. It is emphasises the submission to man. Even in the church, unhealthy leadership and submission is common. This has sometimes led to extremes such as the discipleship (shepherding) movement with an unhealthy emphasis on submission and accountability to leaders. The truth of the priesthood of believers from the Reformation has often been forgotten. Covering and the emphasis of being under human authority is often very earthly and wrongly emphasised.

We rather need a heavenly emphasis and a new perspective here: learning to surrender to the Lord. Here we learn to receive all things from His hand, recognising His sovereignty in all things. As we learn to truly surrender to Him, we will naturally be submissive and submit to one another. However, this submission is not to man but to the Lord. Surrender receives not only leaders from His hand, but also receives those of lower social status equally from His hand.

We notice that the classical Christian foundation emphasises the importance of surrender to the Lord. Surrender is the main focus of the middle stage of classical Christianity. This is important and the truth of this needs to be grasped especially by those who are in the ministry.

Let us not fall into the snare of false authority and false covering as is rampant in the church today. We need to ensure that we are surrendered to our Lord and are under His covering.