Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Many have shifted from being church -centred to being kingdom of God -centred. This is a good thing. Looking at the big picture. Looking at the whole. However, it is best that one be Jesus -centred. To know Him deeply is what is important.

However, I find an inconsistency here. While many speak of being kingdom-centred, they still hold fast to doctrine which is church-centred or movement-centred. They speak of being kingdom-centred - seeing the whole, yet hold fast to only part of the truth.

The end time mature body of Christ needs to embrace both the old and the new. Both the Charismatic truths as well as Classical Christianity. There needs to be an integration. Some things will go. Reform is needed as this adjustment is made. It is Spirit of God's directive in these latter days.

Revival will break forth as true reform takes place. The bride of Christ will also truly become Jesus-centred as this reform comes forth.