Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity
Psalm 23: 1-3
The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.
He makes me to lie down in green
He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of
For His name's sake.

Sheep are afraid of drinking water that moves quickly or that is agitated. Therefore the shepherd looks for pools of water or some quiet place where they may quench their thirst.

This has been the road that has been built in the wilderness. It is the place of His Presence and the glory of God. It is the place of death. Death to self. Death to the flesh. Death to religion. Resurrection life springs forth from those who have died.


2 Kings 2: 19-21
Then the men of the city said to Elisha,
"Please notice, the situation of this city is
pleasant, as my lord sees; but the water is
bad, and the ground barren."
And he said, "Bring me a new bowl, and
put salt in it." So they brought it to him.
Then he went out to the source of the
, and cast in the salt there, and said,
"Thus says the Lord:'I have healed this
water; from it there shall be no more death or

As the Elijah's emerge from the wilderness and become Elisha's moving in signs and wonders, the first and most important sign and wonder is the healing of the waters. Strange, stirred-up waters need to become still waters. Much noise and activity is replaced by stillness and power.

There is barrenness in the church today. We are truly living in the days of Laodicea.
Many of the old saints are dying: Kenneth Hagin, Derek Prince, John Wimber, Ed Roebert and others. Consider the word that the Lord spoke to Benny Hinn in the 1990's concerning the last move of God. Others have fallen into sin. Barrenness and death are present.

However, there is a remnant coming from the desert which has blossomed like a rose. They are completely different from the Laodicean state of the universal church. There is no barrenness in the wilderness. There is no death in the wilderness. Fruitfulness abounds. Saltiness. The glory of God has found a place to rest.

Those who have been faithful - died to self and the flesh - will have multiplication and an increased anointing or mantle in the coming tidal wave. Signs and wonders will follow.

The healing of the waters is necessary for the revival, which began in the wilderness decades ago, to enter the body of Christ as a whole. To the measure that Laodicea responds and repents, revival will break out. America and Europe are central. Many third-world nations are experiencing the end-time harvest to some extent for some years now. However, the last outpouring of the Holy Spirit is much greater than what is being experienced at present.

The waters need to be healed. The source or foundation needs to be uprooted. Religion needs to go. The flesh needs to go. Repentance and reform are needed in Laodicea.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.