Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

True Christianity is not about how passionate or intense you are in the things of God, how dynamic or desperate you are or how hard you work or how well you know the Word of God. It is chiefly about living in His Presence. Few are those who have found the pearl of great price - even amongst preachers! Some such as Kathryn Kuhlman have indeed found this hidden treasure.

Now that you pursued the "Simple Beginnings" for some time and have experienced His sweet Presence in your quiet times, let us move on to a deeper level of knowing Jesus Christ.

A prerequisite is moving deeper with God is understanding that God is sovereign. All things are in His Hand. Nothing done is done without His approval or permission. Satan can only work when he is permitted to. This is when doors are opened through sin and permission is granted to him to pursue his plans.

In the Charismatic move, this foundation has been eroded. Many say that satan has much more freedom being the 'god of this world' which he is. There needs to be a shift back towards the way things truly are. We need a revelation that Jesus is indeed our Sovereign Lord.

We must move out from a time of prayer and begin to live in His Presence all the time. There is a major shift here from a daily quiet time - a time set aside for prayer - to a complete change in lifestyle or world view.

Receiving all things from His hand

In "Simple Beginnings," this truth was first introduced. We learnt to accept dry spells in our quiet time with quietness and contentment. Recognise that He is Sovereign and manifests His love as He pleases. We need to learn to come to Him to please Him and not just because of His manifest Presence.

Now we need to broaden this from our time of prayer to our daily lives. We need to receive all things - the circumstances of your life - everything that happens - as from His hand. You must completely believe that all that has happened to you is from God.

You learn to become content with everything. Such an outlook towards outward circumstances and such a look of faith toward your Lord will bring this contentment. Believe completely that everything that comes into your life is from God and not from the hand of man.

It is one thing to reach this spiritual state; but another to remain there.

This is the casting off of all our cares - dropping our needs - outward practical things and inward spiritual needs. Not only our wants, but our needs too. Sometimes we desire to see miracles in our ministry, desire more of His Presence, and other things - all things like these must be dropped.

All Christians have spiritual needs - some even good and noble things. They must all be left at the cross. Death must be present before the true things of God are manifested. All things not put at the cross have self-life, own strength and dead works stamped on them. These things will damage your walk as a Christian if they are not left at the cross. Resurrection life flows from a dead Christian.

Surrender your life to Him by receiving outward circumstances as from His hand and inward spiritual things as from His hand. Allow God to be God in your life.

You will find yourself living in the present moment. The past and the future remain at the cross. It is forgetting the past and leaving the future in His hands. It is being satisfied with the present moment no matter what it contains.

This truth is important. Unless we grasp this and live in this truth, we will never be vessels of gold that can bear His glory in this final hour.