Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

The prophetic word being established is that there is a new sound - a unique sound - coming forth from South Africa. The world has been introduced to the vuvuzela, a new sound to the nations. This is symbolic of the new sound that is to come out of South Africa. Also the stadiums, built for sport, may be part of this prophetic picture bringing the new sound to many both South Africa and the nations.

This is the prophetic picture coming forth in the "Days of Glory" conference held in East London, South Africa. The thread coming through this conference is "we will not stay silent."

Although this is the prophetic word, I believe it is slightly off-center. In other words, much of what is coming forth today emphasizes only the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the power of God is important. Let us never undermine the importance of this in our lives. However, the classical Christian foundation is not coming through at all. This is the problem in the church today and it brings much division. Many of us charismatics have only known what is taught in the circles in which we move. However, the classical foundation is foreign to us.

I know that the true revival and sound which the Lord desires to bring forth from Africa - and South Africa in particular - is very much associated with the restoring and bringing together the classical foundation together with the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the power of God.

This marriage of the two foundations will bring in the final move of the Holy Spirit throughout the earth and it will be received by all in the church. The restoring of the classical foundation will shake up us Charismatics and bring soundness into our doctrine. Some of the things - such as the prosperity gospel - which we hold strongly will go.

When this happens, the sound coming forth will not have the self-life which can come forth in "we will not stay silent" but will change and become "we cannot stay silent" because of the inner classical foundation which has been restored. It is also not something which we do, but which naturally flows from the restoration of the true foundation - a foundation which all the spiritual giants of the past had.[Otherwise it will be mostly in the flesh and we will sound like a vuvuzela] Also this sounding forth can come through the fruit in our lives...words are only one of the ways in which this sound comes forth.