Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Every Pentecostal | Charismatic MUST be established in the historical or classical foundation. This is not an option. It is a must. The historic foundation has been thrown out of the pulpit. This will restore the church and this is ALL that is needed. Those who are NOT established in this foundation of knowing Jesus Christ are in danger of being the 'many' to whom Jesus says 'I never knew you.' This is what is wrong with Charismatic theology, especially Prosperity doctrine. They have thrown out the historic foundation and it is completely foreign to them - it is Greek to them. Actually they may understand more Greek than this foundation!

To reject this foundation is to reject Jesus. It is the rejection of Jesus's call to the lukewarm Laodicean church - Revelation 3:20.

Every church that does NOT have this foundation is lukewarm Laodicea. The lukewarm church is in danger of being left behind when Jesus returns. Although the whole church will be caught up in the rapture, there are many warnings in the Scriptures of many being left behind. Ten virgins. Only five make it. Spewed out of My mouth.

This is the most urgent need in the church today. Flee from any preacher who ignores or scoffs at this warning to reform. This reform is what God wants in the American church. This is seen as true repentance. Only this will stop the coming judgment on America.

God restored truth from the time of the Reformation. We keep the truth revealed and add to it as God restores more truth. However, we have thrown out the historical foundation. Do you see the logical error in this?