Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity
I took for myself two staffs: the one I called GRACE and the other I called UNITY; and I fed the flock.
v 10
And I took my staff, GRACE and cut it into two...
Then I cut in two my other staff, UNITY.....

Although this passage points to the work of Jesus Christ in the New Covenant, the Lord revealed a truth from this passage which is occurring in the unfolding of the seasons near the end of the age.

This occurs when those from the wilderness enter churches. The Lord is raising up the stick of GRACE and saying, 'I desire to BLESS My people, to draw them unto Myself and to pour our My Spirit upon them and to bring them into this new anointing.' Churches can either receive these prophets of the wilderness or reject them. Sometimes the rejection will be in the form of whitewash - a multitude of reasons but without any substance.

The Lord says, 'I will strive will My people only for a time.' There comes a time when the Lord will break the stick of GRACE, meaning that the lamp stand is removed from the church. Once the stick of GRACE has been broken in two, the stick of UNITY is broken and the prophet of the wilderness is told by the Lord to leave for His work is done.

Often the stick of GRACE is raised in a church by the prophetic ministry that comes from the local body. This confirms to the prophet of the wilderness that it is indeed the Lord who has raised the stick of GRACE in that place.

In this passage, the prophetic shepherd - who are the prophets of the wilderness - is received to a measure and ministers to the flock for a time. Some of the shepherds and sheep loathed the prophetic shepherd instead of yielding to repentance. That same loathing and anger will be experienced by those who come from the wilderness into churches from time to time.

After a time of ministering, Zechariah was given wages for his work. He was instructed by the Lord to throw it to the potter. In other words, he accepted no wages for his work as he had worked on behalf of God. Many of those called at this time will enter churches and do the work of God and for no financial reward.

They will work in the spirit of Jesus as this passage points to the suffering of Jesus. The cross will be borne by those with this ministry as they bear with those who are wayward for a season. They who have become dead men from the wilderness experience will experience the cross and death again in this season as they enter churches.

Sometimes the spirit of Jezebel manifests when death has not had its work brought to completion and all of us are open to this as long as we are in the flesh.