Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Today, many are taking certain Scriptures to support a doctrine which has crept into the greater church over the years called positive confession / name it, claim it. Is this really Biblical?

Did our Lord Jesus walk confessing the Scriptures and promises in the written word of God when He ministered on earth 2000 years ago? Is this really New Testament or has it been distorted and twisted by the church today?

Does classical Christianity give any place to such teaching at all? Yes, there is some truth here. We cannot tear these verses concerning words and mountain-moving faith out of the Bible. However, the speaking with power should only occur when we are overshadowed by the Presence of the Lord when we are drawn in the Holy of holies - and this occurs more often if we have allowed the Lord to take us through the tough long middle stage of the journey. Kathryn Kuhlman lived here. However, very few today - almost none - are walking in the end stage in which Kathryn Kuhlman ministered.

In other words, the self life needs to die. It is the place of "the word of His power" and not the place of the power of His word. There is a place in Christ where we can minister out of His power. Here our words - which actually are His words as we become one with Him, our will completely surrendered to His will - have power through the Presence of God and mountain-moving faith operates. It is the place where the prophet Samuel lived. He spoke and none of his words fell to the ground. It comes out of a deep communion with Jesus where our wills are completely surrendered to His will - the end stage of the classical Christian journey.

However, this is vastly different from what is taught today in some circles i.e. take the Scriptures and promises of God and confess them. This is unbiblical and does not help. Much of what is done today is done in faith. There are MANY who SAY they are operating in this realm today but it is clearly evident that they are not. We are NOT the prophets of our own destiny. We are to surrender our lives fulfilling His destiny, His plans and His purpose.

Let us ensure that we are established in the rock-solid Classical Christian foundation above, for it clarifies the way toward ministering in this realm. Unfortunately, the greater body of Christ has deviated from this foundation are are void of the true spiritual power which comes from His Presence. This comes only once He has transformed us through our surrendering to His cross and dying to our self life. More concerning this process can be found under Tabernacle Notes.