Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Our end goal is to be walking in the Presence of God continually - livingin His Presence with uninterrupted fellowship - by a special kind of prayer (the KEY) which is from our spirit and not from our soul. This prayer not only leads you into the Presence of God; but keeps you there. A kind of prayer that can practiced by statesmen, pastors, labourers and children.

It does not interfere with your daily routine.

Simple Beginnings

Revelation 3: 18
I council you to buy from Me gold tried in the fire that you may be rich.

Living water ..... not digging wells that are without water.

Christians are taught by God concerning this. However, man-made religion can take us on a path that destroys the work that He desires to do in your life. I found that the faith teaching (Word-faith) brought destruction in my life - it affected my personal relationship with Jesus.

Some discourage 'waiting on the Lord' as there is a danger of falling into eastern meditation and opening the door to demons. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. This error even creeps into Charismatic Bible Schools and brings us down into living Laodicea! In other words, 'waiting on the Lord' is not New Age.

I am positioned bly against New Age teachings. Some people have erroneously labeled Jeanne Guyon under 'New Age'. Her work is more centred towards Jesus Christ [Christ-centred] than almost any other ministry today! Her work has the backing of spiritual giants such as Watchman Nee, Hudson Taylor, John Wesley, Fenelon, the early Quakers and others. She does NOT say that all paths lead to God nor does her teaching lead that way. Actually the opposite occurs. Persecution follows all who walk as she walked because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Those who take this position - seeing everything as New Age - have the letter of the Word and nothing more. We are taught in the Word of God not to be soulish or carnal (surface) but to become spiritual (of the heart) believers. Let us discern between the true and the counterfeit. To throw out 'abiding in Jesus Christ' and the 'anointing of the Holy Spirit' is suicidal. Heresy hunters, please take note! Discernment is needed - some contemplatives did stray into error and into New Age error. However, let us not throw them all out!

When I first was saved, I was schooled in the basics by the Lord Himself.


I spent time waiting upon Him in faith and speaking to Him aloud - with reverence. Come to Him with a deep sense of love, very gently and come to Him humbly with a deep sense of worship. When His Presence is manifest, be still. Do not think of anything. Do not try to say anything. Do not try and do anything. When the sweetness of His Presence wanes, speak again. In other words, move only when the cloud moves. Do not seek to move as long as He is near. Be still in the Presence of God. Learn to be quiet before Him. If your mind wanders, just turn back to Him. Do not try to imagine what He looks like. You can also occasionally use the Lord's prayer. Pause and be slow, letting Him minister to you.

If you have a difficult time, dry spells or find that your mind is wandering a lot, be serene. Accept it. Sometimes His sweet Presence will be manifested more than at other times. He is sovereign with regard to showering His blessing. Learn to come into His presence to please Him. Receive all things with calmness and serenity.

Dry Seasons

You will have dry periods. This, however, is not the issue. The issue is this. How will you respond to the Lord in these periods? Most Christians will exercise their strength and the flesh will manifest itself. Self effort. Instead, we need to learn to be patient - worship Him with patient love and contentment.

Remember the Lord is searching throughout the earth for that Christian who will remain faithful and loving even when He has withdrawn Himself.


a. The first way was simply reading a portion of the Scriptures out aloud. I was not concerned whether I understood all the content. I just savoured the Presence of God which was manifest very powerfully at times. Again when His Presence is close, stop reading and be still before Him. This is devotional reading of the Scriptures. Again, move only when the cloud moves. Be still in the Presence of Jesus. Always come before Him in quietness and reverence. The reading of Scripture has quietened your mind - your soul. When your mind wanders, turn inwardly back to Him. When your outer senses and soul is calm, you will become more sensitive to His Presence. Your spirit or heart is the place where He manifests Himself.

Many make the mistake of seeking the Lord outwardly and not inwardly. This brings much grief to the Christian. One will never grow up in the things of God. He will also struggle to have clarity with truth.

b. The second way is where only a few verses are read. This is not a quick reading or the studying of the Scriptures. There is no deep inward profit from such reading. It it not how much that you have read but what He reveals.

If you read quickly, it will benefit you little. You will be like a bee that merely skims the surface of a flower. Instead we need to penetrate the depths of the flower and remove its deepest nectar.

You will also find that you no longer move from subject to subject in the Scriptures. You remain in the place where His Presence has been manifest and only move when He moves. Your daily devotions will follow on from the previous day where He manifested Himself.

Eventually, your own efforts of prayer will become less and less. Eventually His Presence with become your normal experience. You will come to love this silence and peaceful rest which comes from His Presence.

Years later, after I had entered the wilderness for a few years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jeanne Guyon spoke similarly in her book, 'Experiencing the depths of Jesus' concerning these elementary truths that the Lord shows His children. I have mentioned her book often as it presents the way with much clarity.

From these simple beginnings, we need to move forward into the DEEPER things of God.

These beginnings - QUIET TIME alone with Jesus - should be the start of something wonderful. He desires that eventually we come to the place where our quiet time breaks out into CONTINUAL 24-7 PRAYER, worship and a continual deep abiding anointing in our lives. This will only occur if we follow His teaching and not the path of Laodicean teaching.

Once you have experienced and tasted the Lord's goodness and His sweet manifest Presence, let us move on to the second pillar, the 'Sovereignty of God', which holds the key to moving from a QUIET TIME into a CONTINUAL 24-7 LIFESTYLE of living in His Presence.

Some say that when you are young in the Lord, He often showers you with His Presence and then when you grow up in Him you are expected to live more by the faith in the Word of God and principles. This is completely false. This is the way of Laodicea and is emphasised in the Word-faith teaching. His way is very different!