Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Apostle Paul was glad that he had not baptized many in water because none could say that they were baptized in the name of Paul. It seems reasonable that although Apostle Paul taught the foundational doctrines, they were not his main task. His mandate from God was to establish the foundation Jesus Christ in the hearts of men and women in the churches that he founded.

This, too, I believe is the main emphasis of the true apostles whom God has raised up in these end-times. Establishing Jesus (knowing Jesus Christ deeply) is the mark of a true apostle. This is the whole message of the rock-solid classical Christian foundation.

Can it be done in any fashion? I don't believe so. True apostles will not come in Charismatic clothing. Instead they will come bringing REFORM to the Charismatic movement in these days. The doctrine of the coming move is different from what is mainstream today. It is all about establishing Jesus Christ according to classical Christianity together - bringing Charismatic and Classical Christianity together, uniting the church and bring a wholeness which has never been seen before. The final revival comes on the wings of reformation.