Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

As we move further into the time of the tetrad of blood moons, and into the last year of the current seven year cycle in the Hebrew calendar, not only are we to watch world events and the global economy, the expansion of Gog and Magog, judgment upon the US and an eventual return of the US Jews to Israel but also let us see the condition of the last church - Laodicea - and how to escape it.

Two of the most important things that Jesus said to the church of Laodicea (a picture of the lukewarm church at the end of the age) are:

1. A call to know Jesus Christ deeply and personally. This is Revelation 3:20. A true and real relationship with Jesus Christ is required. This is more than preaching the new birth. This is about having a real relationship with Jesus Christ and there are NOT many paths to this genuine faith. Jeanne Guyon brings it forth best in her most well-known book, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2). This has been endorsed by Watchman Nee, Hudson Taylor, John Wesley and many other spiritual giants throughout history.

This foundation is seldom taught today. However, it is probably the most important truth that every Christian needs to know.

This truth has not been taught even by Bible teachers of the past such as Derek Prince. It seems like this truth has been revealed only at the very end. It is really bringing the substance of knowing Jesus to the fore and allowing this to get so big that all other doctrine dims and becomes secondary as we really begin to know Jesus and His glory in a new and deep way.

This opens up the way to experiencing the glory of God continually... something so wonderful... something so glorious ... that most do not know. Some have touched His glory and basked in His glory FOR A WHILE when in a worship meeting. This way takes things much further. It takes you fully into His glory. Kathryn Kuhlman was one of the few who knew this way and was truly established in it.

You can't be rooted in this way and also in what is coming forth today. This foundation will change everything.... doctrine as well as your very nature. This is the revelation of Jesus Christ in a way which is largely unknown in the body of Christ today.

2. The Laodicean must die A deep* relationship with Jesus Christ requires more. It requires a death of ALL of self and this involves a dying to "all forms of works, ministry and even Christian works" of which some are later restored. The purpose of this is to bring us to a place where we rely on Jesus alone in all things.

*The Greek in Revelation 3:20 brings this out. He desires to "dine with him and he with Me" refers to the main meal of the day and speaks of a deep connection.

"To him who I also overcame" (verse 21) and "gold refined in the fire" (verse 18) clearly indicates that He requires the Laodicean to die to self. The implication is that if we do not die to self now, we will be left behind and will have to die as martyrs during the tribulation.

Jeanne Guyon brings forth the way of the cross and the death of the self life very clearly and accurately in her works. Often, this is taught incorrectly. This is why I highly recommend her books.

Here we come to a place of death which seals us into the Inner Court. No longer do we have a mixture. No long His sovereign bidding.

The biggest problem today is that this truth of knowing Jesus and the way of the cross is not being taught. As a result, we find very few who have grasped this and who have a deep, solid relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the substance.

Instead, we have everything else. The collapse of the church building in Nigeria is a type of this. It is a prophetic warning to the church that we need to have the right, deep spiritual foundation otherwise our house will collapse. Many will be left behind when our Lord comes at the rapture.

One thing is certain. The Laodicean will die - either coming to the death of the self life now or face martyrdom by beheading in the tribulation.