Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Some have thought that Lakeland was the beginning of the final tidal wave / or the large birth pang before the final tidal wave.

I am certain that it will not come from the Prophetic Movement but from the wilderness.

Just as the Toronto Movement exited from center stage when John Wimber and the Vineyard departed, I see a similar demise of the Prophetic Movement. Is the Todd Bentley/ Rick Joyner/ Lee Grady dispute the turning point? The Prophetic Movement must decrease. Just before the Prophetic Movement came to center stage the departure of John Wimber and the Vineyard from the Toronto Movement occurred. This was an indication that a change was coming. So too, today, has the time come for the next change - the exiting of the Prophetic Movement from center stage and the emergence of the wilderness for the final tidal wave? What is lacking in the Prophetic Movement? I see a different emphasis in the final tidal wave. There is a shift from the prophetic to a close intimacy with Jesus Christ. This foundation is not present in the Prophetic Movement. The foundation of this deeper closeness is Jeanne Guyon's Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ and other classics such as Michael Molinos's Spiritual Guide. Their emphasis is intimacy with Jesus Christ and the cross becomes central in this deeper intimacy. This is a different foundation and emphasis to that of the Prophetic Movement. It is Revelation 3:20. The Toronto Movement emphasised the restoration of the Presence of God. The Prophetic Movement emphasises hearing His voice. The Final Wave emphasis is Jesus Christ - knowing Him deeply and embracing His cross. The Presence of God and hearing His voice will also be present, yet in a balanced way avoiding the extremes and unhealthy tendencies of both the Toronto and Prophetic Movements. In a nutshell, this end-time movement - Toronto, Prophetic and Final Wave - is Revelation 3:20.