Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

We only truly know God when we learn the truth of:

No longer do we speak of our love for God or God's love for us which is distant, but now we speak of what we experience continually and which is near: His love which enfolds us constantly through His manifest Presence. This glory of His enveloping Presence and oneness becomes established when we allow the Lord to take us through the middle stage and into the end stage of resurrection. Here we truly say with Apostle Paul, 'Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?'

When we are constantly constrained by His ever-present love and Presence, we learn to know what grieves Him, what pleases Him, what He is like and what His nature and character is. Truly here we learn to know Him!

[Note that this is not a knowledge ABOUT God; but a knowledge which comes of experiencing the depths of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now you will understand why I wonder about those believers who love hype and those who love to act and do things is in the flesh or "in faith" and not in the Presence of God...]