Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

These reforms are not something which need to be applied. They are the fruit of a restored personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many pay lip-service to the relationship with Jesus Christ that we have as Christians. I am speaking of the life-changing wilderness restoration which is occurring in this hour.



FAITH's emphasis has changed...

The old way - Word-Faith Charismatic [REVERSED EMPHASIS ...they got it BACKWARDS]

1. faith in word of God (logos)
2. faith in word of God (rhema)
3. faith in Jesus

The past emphasis has been on the logos- the written promises of God - and lip-service is paid to rhema and especially faith in Jesus(3).

Logos does not feature in true Biblical faith. Some have redefined rhema to mean the written word spoken by you and not the now word spoken by God.

The love of God determines the emphasis. Lukewarm believers favour the above emphasis. Those that love and hunger to know Jesus Christ and His Presence more intimately are only satisfied with the new way.


PRAISE AND WORSHIP has changed...

Charismatic worshippers CLAP their hands... Post-charismatic worshippers LIFT their hands... High praise has disappeared ...

This confirms the truth that Jesus revealed to Kenneth Hagin in a visitation many years ago.

The old way has been replaced by...

a deeper reverential worship in His Presence ... soaking worship (Benny Hinn's leading saints into the Presence of God in evangelistic crusades is a taste of what is to come)

The love of God is the measuring stick. Lukewarm believers are happy with the old way. Those that love and hunger to know Jesus Christ and His Presence more intimately are only satisfied with the new way.

These two changes which occur revolutionise the way things are done in the church today. All things will change in churches worldwide, especially in America which has been bly seduced by the Word-faith movement. The fullness of the end-time harvest will be the fruit of this revival and restoration.

Have you not discerned ?

Unbalanced doctrine is used to justify the above way. Doctrine is used to justify the flesh. Faith in ones own strength. Trusting God apart from His Spirit. The way below is the way of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It is the way of the cross.

The new way...

The post-charismatic emphasis is on faith in Jesus.
No longer is lip-service paid to our faith in Jesus but the deep foundation as clearly revealed by Jeanne Guyon in ' Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ' is strongly evident. This is the same foundation that Hudson Taylor, Watchman Nee and others had in the past...

Most churches throughout the world need to be revived and reformed today.

Many today are blind to their own spiritual condition.

The fleshly praise and fleshy faith which characterises the present charismatic movement is out.

High praise is out.

Clapping is out.

Praise done in the flesh is out.

Contemporary worldly music and beat is out.

Hype is out. Entertainment is out. Eating right, etc is out.

Success and business motivation is out. Legalistic principles is out.

Self-help and positive self-image is out.

Positive thinking and positive confession is out.

Priority of being happy as a Christian is out.

All plans and projects not birthed by God or pursued in His time and anointing is out.

All things not done in Him or in the Spirit is out.

All soulish preaching and ministry is out.


"Most of what is called worship in the Charismatic movement is not worship at all...... it is soulish...... Much of the music that we have in church today appeals to the soul, stimulates the soul, It is very much the same kind of music as is used in the world to stimulate the soul........ Having lived five years in Africa, I am aware that certain repetitive themes and rhythms can deaden your sensitivity. If you sit under that long enough, especially when it is very loud, you lose the capacity to discern. And in Africa those rhythms are used to call up demons."

Quotation from Derek Prince to his coworkers - " Protection from Deception" - March 1996


In the Charismatic move, Christians have brought the brass of the world into the temple of the Lord as a substitute for pure gold. What they have is a mixture; it is not pure. Therefore, I can only bless My people so far, because they have substituted brass for gold. They’ve brought the CLAPPING and DANCING of the world into the temple."

Quotation from a visitation of Jesus to Kenneth Hagin in the book " Plans, Purposes and Pursuits."