Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Prophets and intercessors say that this is the most talked about subject today. The spirit of Jezebel. Witchcraft. The spirit of control.

Often pastors accuse intercessors and prophets of being guilty of allowing the spirit of Jezebel into their midst. Yes, there have been times when death has not had its complete work and the flesh has entered the ministry of the prophet and intercessor. However, it is often ignored that there is a MUTUAL SUBMISSION by leaders and the prophets and intercessors.

Pastors have tended to lord it over other ministries and have not had a servant heart and have manifested the spirit of Jezebel themselves. In this hour, the problem mostly lies with the shepherds and not with the prophets as these prophets of the wilderness have become to a large extent dead men in the wilderness and do not exhibit the spirit of Jezebel.

Instead we see a picture of shepherds of the old order resisting the new anointing. The prophets are to respond in the spirit of Jesus and are not to enter into any carnal disputes. They are sent to give the word and only the word of fire. If it is not received there will be a point when the Lord removes the lamp stand and they will move on at the Lord's bidding.

Those who come from the wilderness need to read Stanley Frodsham's prophecy of 'The Coming Deception' carefully. There are many shepherds who will try to change the course of these prophets of the wilderness. They may ever imply that they are in error or are unbalanced. Be careful. Seek the Lord's revelation in all things and be careful of the charisma of leaders. Many will - with sincerity I might add - seek to lead you astray or backwards into Laodicea from which you have escaped.

Do not receive a word simply because a man is a shepherd. Look up to Jesus and spend time in the Word and weigh carefully what is said. Beware of seducers in the end-times. Many will fall back into Laodicea because of their influence.

Remember that we alone are accountable for following His plan at the judgment seat of Christ. Shepherds need to be careful with the counsel that they give and need to step back and let God be God in the lives of the sheep.