Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

All born-again believers have a personal relationship with Jesus. However, knowing Him deeply and having
a stable, solid relationship comes only to the extent that we have become established in the classical Christian foundation. Here we begin to truly know Him as Jehovah.

All believers have also received Him as Elohim i.e as the Creator (In the beginning God) of the universe. However, many have not understood the fullness of knowing Him as Elohim. He is our Sovereign Lord and all the end-time events such as earthquakes are in His hand. Satan can only do that which he is permitted to. Satan is a dog on a leash!
Learning to receive all things from His (God's) hand is only possible if we have a deeper revelation of Him as Elohim. Receiving all things from His hand (taking up His cross) is essential if we are to truly abide in Him, grow up in the things of God and to overcome in the end-times.

We need to know Him both as Jehovah and Elohim; not just as Jehovah or only as Elohim as unbelievers do.