Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

I have observed over the decades that heresy hunters are indeed a good spiritual barometer.

They focus almost exclusively on error - that which is unbiblical and which does not conform to orthodox Christianity. Unfortunately, many times they throw the baby out with the bath water. They usually are well versed in the Scriptures but sometimes lack a deep experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. However, I have found that the voice of the heresy hunters agrees with the true prophetic word. When their voice becomes united and loud concerning a movement, let us take heed to their prophetic warning.

For example, much has been said by the heresy hunters concerning the errors of the faith prosperity movement. Just do a keyword search in Google and see what comes up. Compare the volume of heresy articles on different movements. Great volumes indicate serious error. An unusual increase in heresy articles should be a clarion call to the Christian to stop and consider. Has a mixture come into the movement? Should I distance myself from the movement? Do I need to repent. Prayerfully consider.To simply ignore what they say is not wise.

Some, such as Benny Hinn, have wisely heeded their voice in the past; while others scoff at what they say. They are God's vessels for correcting error in the body of Christ.

Don't throw out the heresy hunters!
They have a legitimate function in the body of Christ.

However, ... The end-time burden of the Lord is two-fold:

1. Revival and restoration of His saints
2. The End-time Harvest - reaching the world, drawing all people to Jesus Christ.

The apostolic correction (leading to revival and restoration) comes from many who were once in the charismatic and Word-faith movement - and not from the heresy hunters. These saints from the wilderness identify with those who are lukewarm as they too were once in the same spiritual state. They understand the things of the Holy Spirit, unlike most of the heresy hunters.