Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Haggai has been an important book to me over the years as it gives clarity to the last of the last days. I have spent much time before the Lord in this little book of two chapters.

Where are we today? In Haggai 2: 21-22. Here the Lord says,

I will shake heaven (first - climate change - and second heaven) and earth (compare with Haggai 1: 6-9)
I will overthrow the throne of kingdom s (Arab uprisings)
I will destroy the strength (United States- this can be seen to be broader than only the US) of the Gentile kingdoms.
I will overthrow the chariots
And those who ride in them;
The horses and their riders shall come down,
Every one by the sword of his brother. (indicates a more violent civil war outcome of uprisings)

I will... make you as a signet ring.

I see that the falling of the United States as a world empire is sandwiched between the second and forth I will. In other words, it takes place during the time of the Arab uprisings. The economic meltdown will affect ALL nations as all things in the book of Haggai are global in nature. Haggai 1:6 gives us the clue to the economic impact of what is to come and to hyper-inflation as the key problem. In other words, the dollar becomes worthless.

This is already taking place as we come to Passover this year with the US debt being center stage of world headlines as well as gold and silver reaching record highs; the dollar reaching record lows.

Some of you may be asking? Will God protect me if I invest in silver and gold? Although there is some truth in that oil, gold and silver are the best performers during hyperinflation - I believe even gold and silver will eventually be shaken. 'The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine' (Haggai 2:8) refers to the 'buy from Me gold' in Revelation 3. God has never sought a wealthy end-time church but one which has the true foundation as given in the rock-solid Classical Christian foundation and which is full of His glory... only made possible by what our Lord Jesus did for us on Calvary centuries ago, purchasing us by His own Blood...