Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

In Habakkuk, we see the germ of true New Testament faith. Let us consider the verse which is the jewel of the Old Testament "the just shall live by faith". In the New Testament, this verse is examined three times: in Romans, Galatians and Hebrews. The emphasis changes in each of these three occurrences in the New Testament. Romans emphasis "JUST". Galatians emphasises "LIVE" (and death to self) and Hebrews emphasises "FAITH". This statement was foundational in the Reformation.

In 2:4, we see faith contrasted with pride. Pride is the mark of the sinner. However, there is a process of death in a believer's life which progressively removes pride and leaves us "poor in spirit" as in the Sermon on the Mount. Remember death is lower than being humble. Paul in Philippians 2 gives us the key. Have the mind of Christ. Take up His cross by receiving all things as from His hand. Not from the hand of man or devils. This stripping of our self from our faith leads to the "Great Death" as explained in Tabernacle Notes. This is the purification of our faith. Pure gold coming through the fiery furnace.

Do you now see how faith and pride are connected?

PS: If we simply study Hebrews 11 - the faith chapter of the New Testament - in isolation, we may be led down the garden path. Romans first. Then Galations second. The truth of Galations need to be established first before moving to Hebrews. Self life needs to die first. See the "Great Death" (Tabernacle Notes). Otherwise the "things" in the definition of faith in Hebrews 11:1 become filled with self! In the broader picture, our needs and wants (even our spiritual and ministry needs) need to die. There is much of self in all of us, even in preachers of the gospel! It is His will be done, and not ours.