Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

God has entrusted me with a heavenly gospel of Jesus Christ, not an earthly gospel. What is the difference between a heavenly gospel and an earthly gospel?

Consider the precept, love your enemies. An earthly gospel says take this at face value and simply do it. The heavenly gospel says God is sovereign, so receive all people, even your enemies, as from the hand of God. Never receive anything as from the hand of man, but as from the hand of God. This has always been the Middle Eastern mindset. A stranger was received as one sent by God. The spiritual man abides in Jesus and this is done according to the heavenly gospel, taking up His cross daily.

Consider, submission. Submit to one another. Many look at this from an earthly perspective - from a people perspective. However, the heavenly gospel says receive both uperiors and inferiors as from God. Here we submit to all in God. We are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His prompting. However, the backdrop is living in His Providence and submitting to His hand in all things. We receive people as from the hand of God and not from the hand of man. How different marriages and even churches would be if this was lived out in truth.

Much of the way Old Testament saints did things and worshipped God was earthly and mostly in the flesh. Under the New Covenant, we worship God differently. Let us not follow the earthly way, but the heavenly way.

Consider much of what is taught today from marriage teaching to leadership principles. Most of what is taught today is earthly. We need to find again the heavenly gospel of Jesus Christ - the secret of truly walking in Him and in the light. When, we as a people of God, move from a heavenly gospel to an earthly gospel, we become lukewarm and lose the spark of heaven's touch.