Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

'I desire gold - PURE GOLD - to fill My temple,' says the Lord

The work of God in the wilderness brings His light in fullness. In His light, brass is clearly seen as brass and pure gold as pure gold. Brass and gold look similar in poor light and can easily be mistaken as being the same.

So the work of God in the wilderness is foundational to thoroughly discern what is to remain and what is to be shaken and realigned.

Solomon's Temple was constructed from PURE gold. In these last days, He says, 'I desire gold - PURE GOLD - to fill My temple.'

What happens is the molten metal - both of gold and brass and impurities - is heated up by fire. As the fire comes, the temperature rises and the brass and impurities rise to the surface. So we see the separation of the brass and the gold. As the brass and impurities are removed the gold becomes pure. And eventually, the Refiner can look down from heaven and see His face reflected in the gold and know that it is PURE gold.

The purification differs according to the season of God.


Those in the wilderness have had this process take place in their hearts. This is the first wind mentioned in the prophecy of 'Two Winds' by Minor.


Others who have not been through the wilderness experience hear the word of fire from the prophets of the wilderness. As they come forth from the wilderness and enter churches, the fire comes and brings heat to the saints of God. This may be rather uncomfortable. It results in the separation of gold from brass. Some may try to pour water on the fire and silence those who are called of God. This they do to their own destruction and the fire is essential if we are to have sufficient oil in our lamps in these last days. Remember the parable of the Ten Virgins? Will those who do not respond to the prophets of the wilderness have sufficient oil in their lamps?

In the Charismatic move, Christians have brought the brass of the world into the temple of the Lord as a substitute for pure gold. What they have is a mixture; it is not pure. Therefore, I can only bless My people so far, because they have substituted brass for gold. [Hagin]