Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Once we truly come to live and minister in His glory or His manifest Presence, our lives will forever be different. This is the way of the end-time revival, the final move of God throughout the earth. We need to enter into the fullness of His glory and it is God who draws us into this place sovereignly. Here we put away childish things. Everything will change. Miracles will be common place. Great authority here.

Two aspects of the change are seen on either side of the mountain of glory, Matthew 17. Just before Matthew 17 - Matthew 16 - and just after He came down from the mountain.

Just before Jesus took the inner circle up to the Mount of Transfiguration, He revealed the truth of taking up your cross daily. This does not mean that all must go into full-time ministry. We need to understand the cross properly. Look at the rock-solid classical Christian foundation which emphasises the importance of the cross.

On the way down from the mountain, it comes to the attention of Jesus that the rest of His disciples fail in delivering an epileptic. They were not ministering from His glory. They had not come from the mountain. They ministered in faith. Jesus reveals to them that the problem is not a lack of faith. Rather He tells them that only faith as small as a mustard seed is needed. In other words, faith is a minor nor a major. Their problem was that they were not ministering from His glory which comes with "prayer and fasting". In the realm of His glory, the gift of faith comes forth. There is no emphasis on believing and confessing as it is easy to receive when His Presence is manifest.

This is the picture of the church which He spoke of in Matthew 16. He wants His church to be living is His glory with this balance and maturity. This is the end-time mature church which begins with the revelation that Jesus Christ is the Christ, the Son of the living God. It is also in this realm of His glory that binding and loosing become truly effective.

I pray to God that all those who are reading this - all the affiliate churches of this ministry as well as those everywhere - may know His glory in its fullness in these end-times. All the keys and the way into His glory has been clearly revealed in this website.