Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Paul opens up Galatians with "I marvel that you are turning away so soon FROM HIM ... to a different gospel" (1:6). This is the key to the life of a Christian. When our attention is drawn away from Jesus, simply turn inwardly back to Him. Abide in Him and His love. When we do this - turn back to Him and keep our hearts turned toward Him in rest, our desires lose their power. They die as they only have life if we focus on them. This is the secret of overcoming worldliness.

Some believe discipline is the answer. This is simply another gospel as it conforms the outward man only and we become modern day Pharisees. We need rather turn our hearts back to Jesus when we are drawn away from Him.

When we learn to live in His love and His Presence, we understand what the Scriptures mean to be in Christ or in Him. Now the truth of Ephesians becomes real to us as Ephesians deals with what is our portion in the heavenly places in Christ.

PS: There is another way (actually another gospel) which is common today, stating that the doorway to Ephesians is opened by simply meditating and confessing who we are in Christ. This is very deceptive and is different from the way shown above.