Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

When you hear leaders and whole churches shout or scream out to God in praise, is that not a Freudian slip? Yes. If you have become established in Christ as shown in the Classical Christianity, then yes.

Why? As you become established in Christ, you become more and more constrained by the Spirit of God. If you do some things, you will feel the hurt within. It is so distinct and painful that you simply can't do some things. It is the Holy Spirit who restrains us. One thing that one so transformed into Jesus can't do is to shout and scream to Jesus as is done in some Charismatic circles (and as is taught from the Old Testament)!

There are other tell-tale signs - sure giveaways - that one is not truly established in Jesus. Can you name a few?

PS: If you live mainly in the Outer Court, you will surely not understand a word that I have written. Yes, that is correct. Some of what comes forth from the church today is backwards.