Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

America is being judged by God.

There seem to be two main steps.
1. Economic collapse
2. Destruction of major US cities by fire (by Russia through a nuclear holocaust)
David Wilkerson, Dimitri Dudeman, Henry Groover, A.A. Allen and others are the prophets here.

Timing: A large proportion of the world's population die in the Tribulation due to war. The descriptions in Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation indicate that the conflict is nuclear. Daniel 11: 40-45 occurs just before the middle of the Tribulation. Similarities to Ezekiel 38 - 39. Storm or whirlwind. Libya and Ethiopia. Must be the same war. The destruction of the weapons and the cleanup of 7 years overlaps into the Millennial reign of Jesus.

US and Russia are the main nuclear powers today. Russia is destroyed on the mountains of Israel. It seems that Russia launches a first strike (nuclear) against the cities of America just before the Ezekiel 38-39 move of Russia into the Middle-East takes place. In the war of Armageddon, which begins just before mid-Tribulation, the US goes down first, then Russia and finally China at the last battle.

Many signs of a coming WW3 are visible today. Collapse of oil price. Russia's economic humiliation. Ukraine. Possible Syria (has Russian port) next. Economic chaos. It seems like the revelation of the Antichrist after the Rapture of the church will bring a semblance of "order" and delay this war for a short while. The Rapture must be very soon.

1. Removal of the blessing of God (protection, prosperity)
It does look more and more likely that the main economic judgment comes in September | October 2015. The third strike. This will effectively end the American era. From then on, a new global world reserve currency will arise most likely from the new BRICS world bank. This paves the way to the eventual rise of the Antichrist. One world system. America will keep this together for a while.

America was a great light which restrained the world from evil and the spirit of the antichrist in the past, bringing the gospel to the world. However, America has fallen. The blessing of God - protection, prosperity - has been completely removed. The light has gone out. Dark days lie ahead for all of us throughout the world.

We need prophetic clarity concerning the coming Biblical year and general season. What has been said about it?

Blood moons and solar eclipse


The Harbinger

The Vision by David Wilkerson (1974)

The Coming Economic Collapse

Stock Market Crash Ahead

Derivative Market Collapse with Huge Implications

Civil Unrest in US and Martial Law

The Rise of Russia and Preparations for Nuclear War

Moral Collapse of America

US Judgment: Tsunami & Major Earthquakes

Exodus of American Jews to Israel

Rapture of Church very close

Stock market crash, Banks crash due to derivative market crash (main crash) - affecting all your "safe" money in banks, pension funds and paper money. You will not be safe by simply moving funds from shares to money market funds. Banks will be wiped out (with bail-ins) when the derivative market collapses. Mortgaged houses will be repossesed by banks, etc as they collapse. Banks will have to collect all debt outstanding when they fold. Bank holidays. Bank runs. Property market collapses. Gold and silver will rise exponentially for a short time. Major companies will collapse. Much worse than 2008. The dollar collapses. World currencies collapse. A global financial reset. A new world currency arises.

Judgments on America are 7 years apart. 2001. 2008. 2015. It seems to be three main economic judgments. Two have taken place. Increasing in intensity. They become more and more global. Why? The nations have drunk from America and have the same illness. Judgment is not only on America, but the entire world. Some of the Western nations have drunk more and will be affected more. This is seen by the almost zero interest rates in these nations. Judgment focused on protection and prosperity. God blessed America. America has turned away from God and God is now taking away the hedge of protection and prosperity.
(2001 also prophetically points to the future destruction of the major US cities by fire)

Timing: Note that 2016 is also significant for economic collapse as it is the Jubilee year after seven sevens. This pattern started after Jerusalem was united in 1967. Each seven year period ended with a stock market crash. 2016 is a super Shemitah - the 50th year.

What is the cause of the judgment?
A nation (with unusual covenantal oath to God) that has turned away from God and refuses to repent.

Is the church to blame? The church is meant to be the light of a nation. Thus the American church is at fault. Logically, we can only come to the conclusion that the American church is backslidden. This is not news to those who are close to Jesus. What is the doctrine which is most similar to the culture? The prosperity (and "faith") gospel. This seems to the worst of the doctrine coming forth from the backslidden church in America.
(Listen to David Wilkerson's severe rebuke of the pillow prophets - Word-faith and Prosperity movement in his sermons on YouTube. He rightly says that there is not only a last great revival but also a last great apostasy and a seduction of Christianity in the last of the last days. This is always overlooked or diminished by the those within these movements today. They speak of a coming revival yet ignore and are blind (deceived) to the seduction of Christianity in their midst.)

2. Redrawing the map of the US

The second reason for judgment is: Meddling, making smaller and dividing the land of Israel.

Many see natural disasters such as a major earthquake coming to America soon, very soon. The context of the blood moons in Joel is judgment of nations for dividing the land of Israel. This also points to 2015-2016. The walls of protection are down. There could even be terrorist attacks on American soil. A prophet from Puerto Rico saw a meteor hitting an island close to Puerto Rico causing a massive wave to affect the East Coast of the US, together with a very powerful earthquake and possibly a redrawing of the map of the US. The US would become smaller as the waters came in. The earth could stop spinning for a few days from a 12 point earthquake bringing darkness over the US for 3 days. Prophecies of a major earthquake which affects the West Coast are numerous. There are also prophecies that the US will split(be divided) at the Madrid fault. Look at Luke 21: 25-26. David Wilkerson saw a major earthquake striking the US at far back as 1974.

Repentance can still turn back this judgment. However, it really does not look like it is going to happen.
(Note that according to the Scriptures, this judgment will happen. Mystery Babylon is America. So it is actually written in stone).

The solar eclipse is a sign of judgment upon the world. The blood moons points to war and a major victory in Israel and Middle-East. God has not revealed the details of this yet. Syria seems to be a vortex which is drawing more and more nations in. Russia and China will also eventually come in if Assad is attacked. The above concerns the world. This is only part of the picture.

What should we learn from this?

God is in control. He is so so sovereign, long suffering, measured and merciful, even in judgment.

The root cause is much broader than the prosperity gospel. It affects almost every ministry. It has everything to do with the foundation. This is similar to what is happening to America. They responded to 9/11 with a war against terror. However, the root cause was turning away from God.

We need a new foundation - new wineskins.

Some clues.

It will emphasise the sovereignty of God.

It will destroy pride.

It will bring back prayer - spending time with God. How to pray unceasing.

It is the very foundation (the historic foundation) which I bring forth on this website. If the church in America had this foundation, America would not have fallen and the judgment and terror would not have come to America.

Further prophetic insight

Look at Mystery Babylon. Judgements include destruction of major cities in US by fire (attack by Russia) in the time of the end.

I used to take Mystery Babylon to be the one-world religious system in the past. This is the view a lot of Bible prophecy scholars and students have held to for many years. However, I have spent much time looking (with prayer) at this in recent days and have come away with clarity that Mystery Babylon is America.

It is the Rome of the end times. It is the place from where the last world empire comes. It is a literal place and the Rome of the time of Apostle John is clearly not the "Rome" of the end times. It is a mystery which is unveiled as we come closer to the end. David Wilkerson identified New York, the city in which he ministered, as the city Babylon in his book in 1985. God showed him this truth many years ago. There are also many dreams and visions which confirm this.

(There still is a one-world religious system and Mystery Babylon is the leader in this arena as well.)