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The role of the book "EXPERIENCING THE DEPTHS OF JESUS CHRIST" by Madame Guyon in the Coming Revival - Essential Wilderness Material.

Many years ago as I entered into the wilderness, the heavens were opened to me and His glory came. Shortly afterwards, in His providence I came across the book "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" by Madame Guyon and perceived that the book had a special place in these end times. I also read 'Closer than a Brother' by Brother Lawrence, Fenelon's works, John of the Cross and other books by men and woman who had a similar walk with Jesus.

A few years later, Benny Hinn had a complete change in his life and ministry and I heard him speak of "Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ" shortly afterwards. This change brought a stability and greater anointing into his ministry. It was exactly the same change that took place in my life.

Later, the same change took place in the last years of Pastor Ed Roebert at Hatfield, Pretoria. His life changed. Hatfield seemed to enter a time of revival afterwards and again the book "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" came into the spotlight in one of his messages. He spoke of being like Moses looking over the Jordan. He has stepped into something new and he saw the promised land - what was to come. However, just like Moses he went to be with Jesus and only saw what was to come.

Clearly, the hand of God can be seen. This is the Laodicean call. Revelation 3:20. I believe that Benny Hinn, Pastor Ed Roebert and others like myself have responded to the Laodicean call.

The move toward "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" is to restore the depth and first love back to the church. It restores the foundations of the Denominations - abiding in Him - back to the church bringing stability, soundness and the new anointing. Basically it takes us from Romans 7 to Romans 8 - from carnality or soulishness to true spirituality.

At first it stuck me how different the teaching of Madame Guyon was from what is taught today. I believe that this Laodicean call and the teaching of Jeanne Guyon is bringing about the shaking that is to come. Once the truth has been tasted, one realises that doctrine needs to change to bring balance and soundness into the church.

Of note the truth by Madame Guyon was widely accepted by John Wesley, Watchman Nee, Hudson Taylor and almost every man or woman of God who have done great things for the kingdom of God. I mention this as some who have not responded to the Laodicean call may out of ignorance and a lack of true spirituality in their own lives label Guyon as New Age or as a mystic and a relic of Catholicism.

In a nutshell, Guyon takes us deeper in the way of the cross. Many believers have entered through the cross into the kingdom of God but do not continue in the way of the cross. Much of what is done today is soulish and this is dealt with thoroughly bringing a greater anointing and soundness in our lives. However, the way shown is not the same as the way of the Catholics of the past - where we - our wills - our souls - mortify things in our lives. The path shown is different.

The path to knowing and experiencing His MANIFEST PRESENCE is pointed to from beginning to end. Many have not truly experienced His Presence and this book takes one on a journey of experiencing more and more of His manifest Presence.

The sovereignty of Godis emphasised and the shift from today's teaching in Charismatic circles is clear.

The difference between IMMATURE and MATURE Christian practices is clearly and thoroughly dealt with. For example, in a young believer there is much self-examination in their walk with God, but a mature believer will never engage in self-examination but only deal with that which the Spirit sheds light on.

Watchman Nee seems to teach us the difference between spirit, soul and body and between soulish and spiritual in 'The Spiritual Man'. However, it is "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" by Guyon that takes us from one to the other.