Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

There is a difference between doing something FOR God and doing something IN God. Jesus spoke of this in John 3:21:

But he who does the truth comes to the
light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that
they have been done in God.

Jeanne Guyon wrote of this in Final Steps In Christian Maturity.

One of the first things a spiritual pilgrim must learn
is to be quiet before God and to remain before Him -
coming without any request or even any personal will in any

If the believer chooses to act on his own he is, of course, hindering
the progress of God.He is being active strictly for his own activity's
sake. He has chosen to do something FOR God rather than BY God.

As he begins to come before the Lord, it is better for the believer
to learn to die to all influences of motivation that originate in
the self. If one remains before the Lord without will, he becomes
like soft wax, a perfectly manageable instrument in the hands of God.

Let us not be drawn into the world's endless futile activity and busyness. Many preachers also fall into this snare of performance and endless busyiness doing things FOR God and not IN God and BY God.