Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

All of us need to have a foundation by which we live on a day-to-day basis. Most of us simply follow the greater body of Christ. We simply look at what is accepted by the greater Body of Christ and follow like sheep.

Today, two movements have grown rapidly and sometimes even dominate the Charismatic movement. The Word-Faith | and Prosperity and the Toronto | Prophetic | New Apostolic Reformation. Both of these are movements that I would advise you to avoid. Some ministries have a mix of these. Some ministries pull in a little from each of these movements and avoid the extremes. This is deceptive as the true foundation is still missing and this approach is just as dangerous.

I left the Word-Faith | Prosperity movement roughly 30 years ago and entered the wilderness. The main reason for entering the wilderness was that there was no alternative being put forward in the church. I was seeking something which I could not find. We all need a foundation. I sought God to show me the way forward and He began to reveal His foundation over time. His foundation is the historical foundation best taught by Jeanne Guyon. Of note, I still hold fast to the important truths of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit and the healing that has been since restored to the Body of Christ.

Those that stayed in the Charismatic world had a very different foundation to the one I have. The historical foundation is all about Jesus Christ and about knowing Him truly through the Presence of God. It is about the way of the cross. It is pure. The anointing is pure. There is no strange fire such as which has come forth in the Toronto | Prophetic | New Apostolic Reformation. The "anointing" of the Toronto | Prophetic | New Apostolic Reformation is "drunken glory", "uncontrolled laughing", "jerking", "shaking", "gold-dust", "feathers", "angel-mania", "animal noises" and every other weird and even New-Age manifestations that are not found in the Bible. Because they are not established in the historical foundation which is Jesus Christ, they veer off into the flesh and even into the demonic. The manifestations do enter the demonic and are similar to the eastern spirit, the kundalini.

We do need to identify the main proponents of these two movements and to avoid them. This is the main end-time deception that Jesus warned us to avoid.

The Word-Faith | and Prosperity ringleader is Kenneth Copeland. Joel Osteen, pastor of the US's largest church, Lakewood preaches a lite-version of the same Word-faith | Prosperity gospel. Many ministries are not fully in this movement. However, they still bring this doctrine into their teaching.

The Toronto | Prophetic | New Apostolic Reformation started with Rodney Howard-Browne and Toronto Airport Church. IHOP in Kansas City and Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California are also central in this movement. Todd Bently and the Lakeland "revival" are also very much part of this.

Many saints (and even pastors) have simply stumbled into these movements and have not perceived the danger and the deception.

My advice (supported by David Wilkerson and others), flee from these movements to the true historic or classical foundation. Once you are established in the foundation that I speak of, you will never again be swayed from movement to movement.