Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Indeed, the word of the Lord is "Cross the River Jordon NOW." This is true worldwide. All true apostolic correction and instruction to churches should line up with this prophetic word. The apostolic movement which is to arise and manifest in its fullness in this season has this message central in its mandate from Jesus.

A third experience

Born again (Passover) ... Baptism in water (Crossing the Red Sea) ... Baptism in the Holy Spirit (cloud by day, pillar of fire by night)... Dying to self or taking up your cross (Jordan crossing).

Some saints, such as Kathryn Kuhlman, entered the third experience when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit, but most, like the Israelites, experience this distinctly at the Jordan, a place of death. Jeanne Guyon's book 'Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ' [a well-known Christian classic] deals with this third experience extensively.

Kathryn Kuhlman: 'dying a thousand deaths'

Taking up her cross ... dying to herself ... allowing God to become totally alive through her ... it was the baptism of the Holy Spirit and it changed the direction of her ministry ... Kathryn started preaching under the new power that she had received ... soon people who were attending her Bible studies reported healings that occurred during the services... that ministry grew worldwide and included regular services in Los Angelos which began in 1965.