Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Clement: God has revealed to me that beginning in March 2010, and continuing throughout the decade, there will be a massive reformation, as powerful as the time of Martin Luther during the 16th Century. The word reform means, "To amend; abandon what is wrong, corrupt, irrelevant and unsatisfactory." In a reformation, something controlling is always abolished and something relevant always emerges.

Some are speaking today that we are on the threshold of of a Third Great Awakening (Morningstar Ministries and Conference).

The gist of this is correct. Indeed this is what the Lord desires. However, even though a little has been revealed to some of these leaders, I don't believe that they have seen the full picture of the state of the church throughout the world and the substance of the Coming Global Reformation has largely been hidden from them.

There are a few ministers who are seeing a little.

Benny Hinn has touched on what the Lord desires to do.

Kim Clement, the US-based prophet, has correctly seen what the Lord's desire is at this point in time (above).

Andrew Strom speaks much about repentance and the reformation.

Lee Grady has touched on the Classical Christian Foundation and the need for Reformation today.

David Wilkerson is bringing forth truth consistent of the Coming Reformation.

There are others too.

Today, the state of the church globally is rotton. Most people - and five-fold ministers - are blind to this! Some see and are leaving churches.

An example of this state is as follows: The minister shouts that we are Abraham's seed and the blessings of God are ours. Then faith comes in. We need to believe this to receive all the blessings of the covenant. Faith then comes in. Our needs. Our blessings. Are we blind too? Is this the gospel? No, rather the rotton state of the church today - Living Laodicea.

There is hardly a ministry throughout the earth - I still can't find one - that is fully demonstrating the truth of the Coming Reformation.

I know that some here in the Eastern Cape, South Africa have been given the substance of the Coming Global Reformation. The truth of the wilderness. There is a different foundation. This Reformation precedes the Last Revival. Yes, the extent of the Last Revival before the return of the Lord is related to reform. We cannot be revived without discarding the rottonness of today's church.

Keep watching this website as it has the substance of the Coming Reformation and Revival; this is why the website is called Revival Central and is unique.

PS: Often preachers have the barebones gospel. They are correct with the major doctrines but the substance is missing. They don't have the foundation necessary to give the flesh to the bare bones. Others have distorted the gospel.