Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

Kathryn Kuhlman saw a day when the Presence of Jesus would be so rich and intense that all present would be healed. Hudson Taylor and others were shown visions of what God desires in the final hour of His church. It is the glory and the light which Isaiah spoke of. God desires the light to shine brightly and this is the main burden of His prophets at this time. Kim Clement has seen it too. A great world-wide reformation with as much impact as that of the Great Reformation in Martin Luther's day.

This reformation brings in the final glory. To the extent that Christians respond to this call, they will see true revival and an outpouring of His glory. [Revival comes on the wings of reform]

To this day, very few have responded to this call. Many are still blind. They evangelise. They continue with works; yet are blind to their own spiritual condition. God's priority today is not evangelism! Rather it is that we reform and change into His image. We need the new foundation and this is not being taught in seminaries! It comes from God Himself. When we are changed, His glory will manifest and the people of this world will come to the light.

What is this new foundation? (I have been walking in this for more than 20 years). It is what some have called the Classical Christian foundation. It is the foundation of Watchman Nee. It is the foundation of Hudson Taylor. It is the foundation of the early Quakers, Fenelon, John Wesley and many others.

The one book which is helpful (and recommended by the almost ALL of the spiritual giants of the past) is "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ" by Jeanne Guyon. The foundation is clearly expounded here. The truth of this book is different from anything coming from Christian television and seminaries. The truth here is unknown in Charismatic circles and forgotten in mainline denominations.

Her works are the most important and influential Christian books that I have ever read. Even to this day I always have a copy of "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ", "Union with God", "Spiritual Torrents" and "Final Steps in Christian Maturity" close at hand. I find the Presence of God manifests very strongly every time I look into these works. The Lord is still teaching me from these works - that is twenty years after first looking at them. I am always astounded at how Biblical the truth is.

This classical foundation is central to the reformation that God desires in these last days. Once this truth is restored, the glory of the Lord will begin to rise upon us and it will be said of us as of Apostle Paul and Stephen, that their faces were like that of the face of angels.

Let us occupy ourselves with one thing today. Turning back to this classical foundation and allowing Jesus to do a deep work in us fulfilling Revelation 3:20.This is what the Lord desires. All the other works will fall into place. However, don't look to the works or outreach. Ensure that you have responded to the Laodicean call and have the true foundation in your lives.