Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

We offer an online Bible School | Seminary with Diploma under the Revival Central International Network who feel a need for a rock-solid Biblical foundation for the Final Harvest and short work at the end of the age. The fees are very low (USD $30) and must be paid on registration. Once registered, you will receive access to the course material required for the exam. In you own time, you can take the exam online. Once successfully passed, you will receive a diploma.

To register, simply fill in the information below and make the necessary payment:

I agree to comply with the Statement of Faith of Revival Central.



Fill in registration form


Make once-off payment of ZAR R500


You will receive access to all the course material.


You can take the online exam when you are ready.


You will receive the diploma once successfully completed.


Both "old school" as well as "new school" content.

"New School" contains doctrine concerning a deep devotional life in Jesus.

A deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Presence of God is central and essential to our lives. i.e. Classical Christian Foundation. This is the important and essential doctrine for the coming and final move of God.

"Old School" includes a broad range of roughly 35 courses from Foundational Doctrines, Prayer School to Hermeneutics, Advanced Counselling, Leadership, Church History, Healing and Deliverance.

This would normally be a complete 3-year Bible School, costing you thousands of dollars and would be given in bite-sized chunks over a 3-year period. However, as time is short, we will allow this to be completed as soon as you are ready to take the exam. We may not have 3 years left until the Lord's coming.

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