Rock-Solid Orthodox Christianity

What does this mean? I have found that very few saints and even fewer five-fold ministers of the gospel have even a shallow understanding of this truth. This is strange as it is something the Lord teaches believers themselves if they are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. [Actually, it is not that strange as it is a logical consequence of a worldly, lukewarm Laodicea - the loss of true spiritual depth - the pure refined gold [Revelation 3:18].

Two Kinds of Prayer and Spirituality

1. Mostly of the mind. A mental conversation with God. One thinks upon God. Rational prayer. It often consists of many types of prayer with principles. It often involves praying the Scriptures. Memorizing Scriptures. Much study. Sometimes this can include meditation, and visualization with images, which borders on dangerous New Age teaching.

Those who seek the Lord externally have always to do something ...acquiring more Biblical knowledge, mortifying some desire, much fasting, seeking the word of the Lord ( He will reveal things in His own time), delight in being an intercessor, delight in helping the poor, delight in ministry, relate all things to Scripture, etc. They believe that by doing these things God abides close to them.

2. Beholding Him with rest. Fixing your attention on the face of your Lord. A simple childlike faith in Him. Seeing Him and loving Him. Your mind is calm in the Presence of God. You are collected, centered and your eyes are fixed wholly on Him. Reason, meditation and thought do not play a dominant role here.

Everything is left at the foot of the cross. Eventually the love of God becomes tangible. The Presence of God. The life of God. Living water. This love of God will keep you and sustain you in all circumstances that comes to you. Some of the things laid down at the foot of the cross may be resurrected with a new life behind them.

The believer is drawn into this deep inward place - the secret place of the Most High. The believer is alone with God in this place. It is as if they are the only two persons existing in all creation. A living blind (blind to soulish effort) faith. It is without images. It is enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

It is only in this place and as we remain in this place that we are changed from glory to glory and are molded more and more into the image of Jesus. It is only in this place that the fruit of the Spirit grows in a believer's life. It is a place where there is no news that causes them to over abundantly rejoice nor is there any news that causes them to become very sad.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.

Acts 2: 25-28
I foresaw the Lord always before My
For He is at My right hand, that I may
not be shaken;
Therefore My heart rejoiced, and My
tongue was glad;......You have made known to Me the ways
of life;
You will make Me full of joy in Your

The first kind of prayer is mainly of the soul. It requires effort - assisted by the grace of God. A mixture of doing things in the flesh and in the Spirit. The second kind of prayer is of the heart. It is more tranquil. No effort. Only of the Holy Spirit. Grace alone. It is deeper. It is the key of understanding the continual experience of a normal healthy Christian. The first path yields little fruit; the second path yields much fruit in a believer's life. Remember that Paul reminded believers to be spiritual and not to be carnal. The natural man does not receive the things of God. The second way is also not something achieved by the will of man. It is something that a believer eventually acquires over time.

Did you know this? Every Christian should. Do you experience His love continually in this manner?

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

We need to do this often, especially in times of tribulation and temptation. Enter into that inmost realm. Retreat into your fortress, the city of God, Mount Zion, His habitation, the Temple of the living God. In this place - the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of His wings - there is a peace that passeth understanding. A greater awareness of the Presence of God. It is a place of calmness. Your soul is quiet; yet alert and alive with the life of God. Truly this is a place of refreshing. Fresh strength comes to us here. Safety. It is a place in which we are fully covered in the armour of God. Learn to love this withdrawal. The inward retreat. It is the place where the proverbial cat gets the cream.

Augustine said: [cf Song of Solomon 3: 1-5]

Lord, I went wandering like a stray
sheep, seeking you with anxious reasoning
weighted within me. I wearied myself
much in looking for You without. Yet you
had your habitation within me. If I only had
desired you, and panted after you. I went
around the streets and squares of the cities
of His world and I found You not, because
in vain I sought without for You who were

What is the important thing (the key) to know in order to experience the FULLNESS of this wonderful experience of abiding in Him? This is the key to the journey of experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ in your life. It is also the key to worshipping God fully in spirit and in truth; and of experiencing the anointing and His Presence in your life. This will be discussed below.

The Key

The key is the Cross. Kathryn Kuhlman lived by it. So did many of the past saints such as Jeanne Guyon, Michael Molinos and John of the Cross.

Kathryn Kuhlman said:

'The Heavenly Father does not ask for golden vessels. Nor does He ask for silver vessels. God ask for YIELDED vessels - those who will submit their will to the will of the Father. And the greatest human attainment in all the world is for a life to be so surrendered to Him that the name of God Almighty will be glorified through that life.'

'Do you really know what it means? Oh, I know there is a great ecstasy of being filled with the Holy Spirit. I know. We are in a great Charismatic world convention here today. You know, I have had great moments of ecstasy. And there is no greater experience in your life than when you receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. That is marvelous. But my friend, do you know the experience of having yielded your will to the will of the Father? Pause. Not some of self and some of Thee; but none of self and all of Thee. I feel that glorious anointing of the Holy Ghost; that provision which He has made for every one of His children. Will you take the most ordinary... He doesn't ask for golden vessels, He doesn't ask for silver vessels. He asks for yielded vessels. But He will take the most ordinary person and I won't tell who that one might be. ... He will give you a courage. He will give you power. You can feel that you can stand alone against all the forces of hell. And you are standing strengthened and you are feeling like a giant not because of your own strength; but because you are drawing on unseen resources. haven't been speaking to you about something that is imaginary. I have been speaking to you about something that is the most real thing that can happen to any individual... All the forces in hell will not be able to stop this outpouring of the Holy Ghost..... I am in the perfect will of God standing where I am this very hour...It costs much, but it is worth the cost. It costs everything. If you really want to know the price, if you really want to know the price, I will tell you. It will cost you everything. Kathryn Kuhlman died a long time ago. I know the day. I know the hour. I can go to the spot where Kathryn Kuhlman died.'

Have you found and entered this door?

There is a door that you need to find. A door to enter. A doorway into a place where there is none of you and all of Him. It is a life-changing door. Once you have passed through this door, your life will change forever. Kathryn Kuhlman spoke of this happening in her life.

I am here pointing you to this door; a door which very few find.

Who loves Jesus the most? It is the saint who does the most, ministers the most? It it the saint who feels the most, has the most revelations? It it the saint who is the cleverest; a wealth of Bible knowledge and understands all the mysteries of God? Is it the saint who shows love the most; who shows the most compassion and helps the poor? No, none of these. It is the saint who suffers the most. [I am not speaking of asceticism here; but a death to the self.]

Understanding the Key

Most importantly, the key does not belong to ministry only but to all of life. Surrender of your will to the Father's will.

Peace, inward rest and tranquility is found in a three-fold silence: a silence of your words, a silence of your desires and a silence of your thoughts. The peace of God is our umpire. We need to keep our temple of the Holy Spirit a place of inward rest and this inward rest is found in this three-fold silence. In this place, there is simplicity and freedom. A pure place. A clean temple. Guile, deceit and judgment are not found here.

To keep our temple - fortress - in this peace under all circumstances, we need to understand the key of surrendering our will to the will of the Father. Peace in the midst of war, solitude amidst the masses, forgetfulness in the midst of injury, refuge in the midst of the storm, strength in the midst of persecution.

The key has one absolute, something that is not always held by many in the ministry today. That absolute is that God is sovereign and is in control and that all things and circumstances are permitted by Him. We need to learn to receive all things from His hand. In other words, we never react to a situation but only respond in the Spirit when and if He prompts us. We are not to receive things from the hand of man. For example, Pontius Pilate's sin led to our Lord's death; however, God's plan was for our redemption through the cross.

The cross is both external and internal. Dryness - times when His Presence is withdrawn for a season - are internal. Christians who draw back during these times show that their self is still alive and that they have not truly died. The cross is necessary that we come forth as pure gold. Be constant and quiet in tribulation.

Blessed are those who embrace the cross and receive the blessings of God and the cross equally. This is a true sign of Christian maturity.

You will know that you are far from perfection if you do not find God in everything ...

Know that pure, perfect love consists of these elements: the cross and denial of yourself. Both of these elements are totally voluntary. These, plus accepting - with resignation - all things which come into your life, .. in humility ... then relating all these things to your spirit, - add to these a mean opinion of your self nature ... here are the elements you must have in your life [Molinos].

Do we really love the Lord? Perfect love comes from perfect resignation and the three-fold silence mentioned above. It is not telling the Lord that you love Him or any other loving acts that you may do. You may have close intimate fellowship in His Presence, yet curse when only slightly hurt.

Consider Peter. John 21: 15-18 'Do you love Me (three times)....prophetic picture of Peter's martyrdom (v18). Verse 18 also shows the change in Peter - from following his own will to resignation to God's will. Peter's epistles also reveal this change - this change from love as mere words (and denying his Lord) to a deep resignation to the will of his sovereign Lord.

Remember Apostle Paul gloried in the cross; so should we.

This path requires that we have no idols in our hearts. We need a healthy detachment from things, people and even spiritual gifts i.e. gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This teaching is foundational to Revival Central. It forms part of the logo - the cross entwined by the vine.

Counting the Cost: Once you have given yourself up to the Lord - to walk with Him and live in Him, in an inward way, all hell with conspire against you. Just one believer who has withdrawn into the inward way makes a greater war against the enemy than a thousand whose walk is external [Molinos].

The spiritual is his continual exercise to withdraw deep within, into God...he knows this inward withdrawal is far more important than speaking of God or even speaking to God [Molinos].

Deny and put to death your self-nature by not judging ill of anyone at any time ...suspicion and criticism bring the believer out of the realm of the spirit and take away his rest [Molinos].

Here is the way to cease deceiving yourself: recognize the difference between the outer and the inward way. The difference is the Presence of God. His presence, which you practice by faith, is entered by your collecting your center, and then waiting before the Lord. This is how you learn the difference between the outer man and the inner man [Molinos].

Your Lord pays more attention to that believer who lives in an internal resignation than He does to all those who work miracles ... even to the raising of the dead [Molinos].

What is the cause of a Christian's disquiet? Rebellion of his own will is the chief offender. We do not submit to the sweet yoke of the Divine will and, as a result, we suffer many perturbing situations. Oh, Christian, you submit your will to the Divine will, and to all His orderings, what tranquility you will know. What peace, what serenity [Molinos].

End-time Worship Nugget: We need to keep the use of song boards in our churches to a minimum! Rather keep to simple worship refrains such as 'How Great Thou Art'. This ensures that saints fix their attention more on the Lord and lose themselves in worship. This small but important change shifts the worship to a greater depth and to a greater reliance on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Learn from Benny Hinn!

Recommended Reading:

1. The Spiritual Guide by Michael Molinos [ Michael Molinos came closer to reforming the Catholic church than any other single man in history, yet he ended up sealed in a dungeon, his book condemned. There have probably been more copies of this book burned than any other piece of Christian literature ever penned].

Numerous extracts from this book appear in this article because of their clarity and importance to a Christian's growth in Him.

Note: Ponder over the difference between the above teaching and the teaching of this age 'Who we are in Christ'. Does this teaching not provide us with the clue of the way of Christian growth? It provides us with the answer to the troubling observation that some Christians do not show any spiritual growth, even after 50 years in the kingdom of God.