Awake, and repent, for the day of the Lord is near. Prepare yourselves for a Great Shaking, ... birth pangs, which are imminent and precede that day.

"We are on the eve of the LAST TIDAL WAVE - the greatest worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of the Church." The intense global shaking began in 2007 | 2008 with catastrophic floods and the Great Recession sweeping throughout many nations. Seven years later, 2015 | 2016, the Great Shaking prior to the Tribulation is imminent. This coincides with the acceleration of God's judgment of America. This gives us an indication of the timing of the LAST TIDAL WAVE as it comes at the time when the shaking intensifies according to the prophet Haggai!


"There is a deep sadness in this final season. Jesus is weeping both over the spiritual state of His church and the world. This burden of sadness is present in all the apostles whom He has raised up in the wilderness. This Laodicean condition of the church is far worse and widespread than you may think or imagine. However, His tears form a tidal wave bringing in restoration and revival to many and salvation to the world."

Psalm 126: 5-6

Those who sow in tears
Shall reap in joy.
He who continually goes forth weeping,
Bearing seed for sowing.
Shall doubtless come again with
Bringing his sheaves with him.

The Great Separation

God is separating those that truly know Him from those who don't. When the storm - the Great Shaking - comes, the Great Separation will occur. Those who only seek God for what He provides | His material blessings and do not possess an abiding closeness will fall away. The Last Great Apostasy will occur and the true bride will make herself ready for His imminent return. Those who are Charismatic but who do not also have the Historical or Classical foundation will fall away. The Prosperity Movement will completely fall away at this time as David Wilkerson said many years ago. That is why your foundation in Jesus Christ is so important. Jesus separated His flock in John 6 and many walked away. Only a few remained. They were happy when He multiplied the loaves and fishes, but did not desire an intimate relationship with Him. Many were offended and walked away. This incident in the Scriptures is a prophetic picture of what is to come. This is not far away as the storm which began in 2008 is about to intensify. Actually in a sense, the real storm - the Great Shaking - is just about to begin.

Reformation Cornerstone

Reformation goes hand-in-hand with revival. The main stone of the reformation is the historical or classical foundation. It is all about Jesus.

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What is important to God

God is looking for something else. He is not looking for a real relationship with Jesus. An inward foundation. This is something which has been lost to the last church.

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The Laodicean must die

The spiritual condition of the last church is also a sign of the times. Two important things to escape Laodicea are given here.

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End-time Unity - the Mystery Unveiled

The true doctrine of the end-times is the bringing together of ALL the previous awakenings. It unites the church and reforms it at the same time.

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Straightening the message of the kingdom of God

We need to shift from being church centred and kingdom centred to being Jesus centred. To know Jesus deeply is what is important.

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I testify that the world is evil

Darkness and evil has gripped the world. This darkness has also pervaded and entrapped the church. Only those with a deep personal relationship with Jesus will escape.

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Knowing Him as both Jehovah and Elohim

There are two aspects of knowing Him. These aspects cannot be separated. The error of the modern church is to ignore both of these truths.  The historical foundation is ignored as well as His sovereignty.

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Final Destiny of America

Many have seen a coming economic collapse in the US. However. this is the near view. What is the ultimate end of America?  Is a  nuclear holocaust and tsunami | earthquake coming? Is America Mystery Babylon?

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The mark of true apostle

Establishing Jesus fully as our foundation is the seal of a true apostle.  Conversely, a false apostle does not bring this foundation forth at all. His gospel is marred.

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Voice of the heresy Hunters - a Spiritual Barometer

Some heresy hunters are blind. Their judgment is wrong.  However, there are also those who see and right judgment comes forth.  Much "noise" often indicates false doctrine or a problem with a ministry.

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Signs and Wonders

The context of the Acts 2 blood moons brings forth signs and wonders and the latter rain. The timing of this outpouring coincides with the time of the blood moons.

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The Glory of God

Learning to live and minister in His glory or His manifest Presence is the way of the end-time revival.

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A gospel from heaven

There is an earthly gospel. There is also a heavenly gospel. Do we know the difference?

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Haggai: the Book of Tomorrow

Haggai brings across important prophetic truth concerning the end-times. The shaking and the end-time revival are both mentioned.

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Surrender and Submission

Surrender and submission is misunderstood by 99% of the church today. Let us truly understand them as Jesus intended.

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Is (Positive) Confession Biblical?

Discover the truth and discern between the truth and that which is commonly taught today.

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Two Dangerous Paths

Many in the church today are blind as they are not grounded in a sound relationship with Jesus. Here are two dangerous paths  on which  the blind walk.

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Understanding Laodicea

A mixture is the character of the last church. Laodicea is a mixture. We need to understand this to keep ourselves pure and safe in Jesus.

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Has the End-time Harvest Already Begun?

The main end-time harvest follows revival and reformation.  However, this is also a culmination of the harvest which has been seen for  some time now. 

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Pray Unceasingly

Praying unceasingly has always been the mark of true revival. It is also what spiritual men and women have sought throughout the ages.

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The Freudian Slip

There are a number of things which a nominal Christian may be indifferent to. However, these very things are big danger signals to a spiritual believer that something is amiss.

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Heavenly Perspective

Things will unravel shortly that will shake this world. We need a heavenly perspective to endure and thrive in this time.

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The Sacrament of the Present Moment

This is import truth to grasp as it is an indication whether we are truly established in the foundation of knowing Jesus Christ.

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In the Name of Jesus

We often just use His Name when ministering today. However, there is a much deeply revelation of doing things in His Name which is often difficult to grasp.

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Understanding the Foundation

Often we only look at Hebrews 6 when looking at the foundation. However,  there is more to our foundation that that.  We need to look at other Scriptures too.

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Hidden Danger

The last of the last days are dangerous times. There is much deception. Only those close to Jesus can see and discern rightly.

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Twin Towers

The moral decay of the nation is the cause of the judgment of God beginning with the tragedy of the Twin Towers.

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The secret of grace flowing from your lips

Entering fully into His glory is hard to grasp. Few find this treasure. The secret lies in being established in a lost foundation - the rock-solid classical Christian foundation.

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Doing things in God

There is much difference between doing things for God and doing things in God. We need to learn how to do things in God.

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Understanding the Temple

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  However, this is only true to the extent that we are established in the true foundation. Do we truly understand this? It does need to be true of our experience.

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Jesus, my Precious Lord

The wonder of knowing Jesus is central to being truly established in the rock-solid classical  Christian foundation. 

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Nicodemus's Statement

Fresh insights from a familiar passage. Here we look at this passage in context of the rock-solid classical Christian foundation.

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Vessels with Holes

These represent Laodicean doctrine. This doctrine does not allow us to fully walk in the Spirit and be full of His Presence.

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